The rain has come and the air cools to shades of blues

It's so nice to have cool air, at last! I have a mild cold, I believe, from the air conditioner blowing, blowing, blowing. But am otherwise in good spirits. We dropped off my entry for the Bedford County Fair senior watercolor exhibit. I hope I do well. Jon dropped it off while I waited in the car. It was pouring rain and apparently, my seat was really wet when I got in when only loosened a previously hidden coffee spill. Let's just say, my shorts look like an abstract painting in brown. Not good.

So, I asked Jon if there were any replies, etc...and he said there was some oohing and ahh-ing. So, I hope this is a good thing. I really want to win the best in show but I will settle for 1st. Still, I'm nervous as heck and I wish I had entered other categories as well. Oh, year, I guess.

The painting I entered is of a farm scene kind of like from the movie "Babe". A cow, farm animals and off in the distant are lama's. I think it looks really sweet and I tried to be playful with the colors. I did one of my favorite lighting of the sky effects. Basically, it's yellow watercolor paint left to dry and then bright turquoise paint over the sky...such an interesting and beautiful sky.

So, wish me luck on that. Maybe I'll try to do a quilt for next year...though that seems a bit daunting. I wish my mom was here in PA and we could do one together.

Also, Jon picked up some paintings from the local art gallery and I'll bring them in for Monday. I think I might have to get a few new frames as I have bigger pieces I could show at the vet's office.

Other news, a working on cleaning up piles of stuff from the free cycle things. I now have a plan for a heavy medieval type nightstand. I'm going to collage it! I'm planning to do this to the computer table too but I think it will look very interesting on the nightstand too. I used to paint my own furniture...painted several trunks (wooden/leather) with either a wolf design or abstract like art. Both look good. One trunk has a collage on it too. When I think about it, I did this a lot. Hmmm, wonder what that means. Time to paint furniture! :)

Anyway, I've got to download the pics of the trip up and finish some commissioned work. I like being an artist! Esp. a working one. :)


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