Late birthday present...

Sent off a late b-day present to my favorite 10 year old niece! Wow...I can hardly believe my little Katie is 10. Dang...these are the times I wish we hadn't moved across the US and stayed near my family. And why hasn't anyone invented a transporter yet!?! I mean, really! Of course, I'd be too chicken to try the darn thing out...but still, I like the idea.

~~Oh, I need to take some allergy ear is ringing, I feel a bit dizzy, irritated and it feels like I have a cold but it's not. ugh.~~

We accidentally left Odie outside on the porch. Thankfully, it was a warm night and he didn't seem to mind. He was safe but I'm just shocked at how pooped I was last night. I was trying to get the girls to fall asleep and had them cuddled next to thing I know it's 4am and I had slept with my clothes on! I hate that...and not brushing me teeth.

Here's a list of things that annoy me:

1. my foot falling asleep
2. making a huge list of plans and not doing one thing on from it
3. stubbing my toe
4. washing the dishes two (or more) times in a row
5. Forgetting to do something or forgetting something I was meaning to do/say
6. Spilling food on my self
7. Getting a headache

Well, that's enough annoyances. Things that make me happy:
1. Having time to paint
2. coming home from some event/outing and greeting my family
3. Cookies
4. Watermelon without seeds
5. a cool day that is bright and sunny
6. Selling my work on eBay
7. Playing the piano/guitar

Of course, I have a more I could add to this list but I'll stop here too. Speaking of cookies, I increased the cookie recipe I made yesterday by 3 and gave some away. There is quite a bit more and I admit this was one good batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I also stayed in the house the entire day...except for going on the porch. Too humid/hot to go anywhere and the car's radiator might be headed for that old car dump in the sky. It's at the hospital right now...hope it doesn't cost a fortune.

I've been rereading Thich Nhat Hanh's Touching Peace...trying to get ready to talk about this. We shall see how that goes.

I wish I could make my eyes pop slightly out. I don't know why this is appealing but it is.
Ah, the girls have discovered the microscope...I bid you adieu.


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