It's only Monday and this week is so full...

I've got a quadrillion things to do, it seems and yet here I am typing...I just need to vent, I guess. I have to do some physical therapy another two times this week for my busted shoulder. Apparently, I have an inflamed muscle which is constantly getting hurt. So, to the doctor I go. Got to get my knee checked out next as that is giving me discomfort. Oh, and I think I have either a splinter or something stuck in the bottom of my foot. It hurts. I'm a mess.

And now, poor Lydia is sick with a cold. She cries her self into throwing up, so I had that to deal with as well. Poor baby.

I don't know if we'll get the yard sale off for Saturday but we'll at least try. Plus, this weekend is Norrie’s birthday and the fair. I'm going to have to have Jon drop off at some friends to pick up some copies of the church by-laws I'd like to thumb, work, work.

Thank the stars my sis-in-law dropped off some paintings for me at the vets as my car is in the shop, still. So, I'm a little stressed even though my fantastic parents-in-law are totally helping out w/ driving. Thank goodness. Oh, and I'm having a consultation to get a cyst removed tomorrow. lol! I don't know why I think that's funny, but I do. I should cover my self with gold stars for handling all of this. sigh...

Oh, just remembered I have to mail off some eBay paintings and finish those two commissions. Thankfully, I'm half way through the commissions!

And the house is a mess. Not that I care but my allergies do and I'm starting to think the sparse look might be a good idea.

I feel really sorry Lydia got sick too. But from my own experience it's short cold of maybe 24 hours. Norrie seemed to feel better after two days.

I'm thinking of taking the two kitty dolls my mom just sent for me to sell and try them out at the local art gallery. They are SO cute. I have to photograph them and the bigger kitty, as well. She made little Mary Jane type shoes on the one kitty doll and it also has beautiful embroidered flowers on the apron. Divine! And makes me so jealous! I've got to practice sewing like that.

As for me, I'm nearly done with an art quilt of a guinea pig w/flowers. This one I used beads as well as appliquéing. Let me just say, I LOVE IT! I will have to use beads more often in my work. It shimmers! This art quilt is about 24 by 20 inches (I'll have to verify it) and when I'm done, I'll definitely be showing it off here as well as at my mama sews.

I'm also working on little hand made birds but I don't think I can sell them. I love them too much! So, I'll show them but keep them for me. hehehe

I feel a slight stress headache from hearing our lovely neighbors practicing drums, again. Times like these I wish I lived on 4 acres of property. Ah, Jon just walked in! Thank goodness.


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