Is the thunder storm going to come already?

My, oh, my. My hands are feeling less then about aches. I don't know if it's an old wives tale that your joints/arthritis starts hurting when storms/thunder is nearing, but it sure feels true for me. I've been feeling blah pretty much since about noon. I hope we get some rain w/ this storm. Apparently, St. Louis is getting lots of rain/storm so the outlook is pretty good.

Apparently, all this warm weather has caused my cats to go into hyper shedding drive. The other day I pulled off enough hair from Autumn to knit a small scarf (no, I did not save the hair). And then I hand groomed Sampson and pulled off a small cat of fur. I have to find my cat brushes (which two little house fairies misplaced). Just amazing amount of hair...
Sampson looking pleased from his grooming.

Our rats tipped their sleeping hutch over and we can see them sleeping in a bunch. It must be cooler this way and they look so darn cute!

I gave the girls baths, a bit earlier and they managed to get dirty already. Chocolate and bananas. Oh, and I think they broke the DVD. I haven't told Jon yet. He's already vexed about the printer still not working.

I also sent Jon to get some stuff from that should be interesting. I think I over planned doing things. Well, after the next week or so, things will calm down. Plus, we don't have church on Sunday! Ha! Being a small Unitarian group isn't too bad, actually.

Speaking of Unitarians, I'm already planning another service. I'm excited about this one too. I'm not going to reveal too much about it just that it's a timely topic and one I can use to inspire people to take action.

Still need to get to the hair shop, beauty salon...whatever they're called. I'm getting to the point where my hands are itching to experiment w/ the scissors. I now know where my gals get the idea into their heads. Ah, well...

I hope we go on a small car trip...we've been doing that once, nearly every weekend but I keep forgetting the camera. So much beauty in the world. Jon drove us to a little river but I was too afraid to get out because of unidentified plants and Norrie being allergic. Plus, I didn't have my epi pen.

I'm reluctant to get Norrie tested because I want Jon to be there too. Maybe I'll take his parents. I'm just nervous because she's not quite yet 3 (end of July) and I want her to be all right.


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