Interesting insights to the people in my area...

I forgot to mention one of the most interesting things about the Town hall telephone conversations I had last night. The biggest and most interesting thing was people were OUTRAGED! And I'm not just talking about my self. I mean farmers or farmer advocates where calling, elderly were calling, middle aged folk like my self were calling in and more. It was amazing, really and I feel like with the recent news from NPR poll about whether people approve of their current politicians, a lot of people disapprove. Finally. Finally people are starting to wake up a bit and see the massive mistakes that have been happening. I only wish it would mean ending the war and making people pay for starting a false war. Yes, I still believe in justice...

Other good news, looks like Sen. Specter is planning a bill to sue Bush. I'm so glad there are still a few people out there (regardless of party) with courage to stand up to the Greed Machines.

Why do I oppose this war?

One reason I oppose this war is because of my best friend’s brother. He enlisted because he wanted to get rid of student loans he and his wife had gotten to get a higher education. Only by the skin of his teeth did he survive. He (thank the higher powers) had been taught by his dad basic carpentry skills and was able to get out of direct battle but not before he saw many of his friends wounded and killed. Before he enlisted he believed there was something to this war but afterwards, he realized what a bunch of lies it all was. I'm glad he was able to survive and I hope he'll put his words into a book someday. He is obviously still very hurt by everything emotionally and will have to remember some of his friends by photo alone.


Rhiannon said…
This is good news to hear Emily about your town hall phone meeting! Glad you got involved. I, like you, live in a very conservative town but even some of them are slowly changing but I see a lot of "shell shocked" looking people around here these days since all the years of this war..they acting shut down and numb or in denial or something. Hard to read whats going on in their minds? I do believe people are waking up, sometimes justice is a bit more slow then we would like it to be I know!

As I stated on one of my comments on my blog "stop the war protest" there are people that join the military for fincancial and educational reasons as they can't afford to otherwise. Like your best friend's brother. I'm glad he is okay and got home though..that's a miracle in itself! Thank you for stopping by my "Stop the war" blog protest. I have decided to continue on with it for as long as I can now..

Drop by soon again! Have a beautiful weekend. Oh by the way I love your large blog post pic of yourself on the top bar! Its great!
Good job!

With Angelic Blessings to you and your family,

Love and Peace,

Emily said…
Thanks, Rhiannon~

I'm definitely looking at your blog...

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