Hot day and allergies...sewing lessons

Well, I wrote a post earlier but just felt like it was written in the wrong spirit so I deleted it. Sometimes it's better to just remove that thing you regret having put out there...and this was one of them. Basically, I was complaining about a complainer. Not very thoughtful and written out of my own, if only I could as easily blot out past mistakes. Life, unfortunately, is not a blog that is barely read or taken seriously.

Anyway, allergies, humidity, and just plain ugly weather make for a very grumpy Emily. Plus, my car is acting crazy...gas pedal got stuck going up hill and the only reason I didn't crash was because I tried switching gears and finally got it in park. Scary to say the least. Also, my radiator is acting up. We're going to get these taken care of as soon as possible.

On the other hand, I got all the customers work sent via the mail and I even talked to a local venue about displaying my work. I just sent a press release to the local paper (again). Hopefully, it will get printed.

Nelson is acting crazy because it's way too hot outside to play and as soon as he comes in he goes wild. I threw his blanket on him and he got tangled in it...haha...good exercise for his Majesty. Plus, he looks an Ewok.

In the meantime, I have taught Lydia how to sew! She's four and now can make little things herself...she's very proud of her work and I am too.

Anyway, that's it for to get some sleep and work off this mild migraine from today...


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