Gray Monday...

It's an over cast Monday and I feel a bit flat. Actually, we celebrated Norrie's 3rd birthday yesterday...she received her weight in birthday presents and more! Well, some of them were carefully timed shoes/sandals from grandma for both gals. Still, the look on her face was purely surprise and glee. I admit I worried about spoiling but really they don't get that much and we usually give a lot away too. I'll always remember that Webster episode (do you remember that show about a kid that is adopted into a middle class family?) where the mom says we have to give some things away after he gets his Christmas presents. I always felt mixed feelings about that...but I think it is a good thing all in all.

Norrie was very happy and Lydia was happy too though Lydia kept trying to claim everything was for her after Norrie fell asleep. I remember doing something like that too when my sister got something which I thought was wonderful.

Some of the best things were made by my mom...she made Norrie's birthday dress and this really cute doll w/ teddy bear, quilt, night gown and slippers. It is so cute! I will have to photograph them and put them up at my mama sews.

I'm supposed to get my car back today. Fitting it's on my birthday. We're celebrating it next Sunday...either a brunch or dinner, don't know for sure. If I get my car back, I think a lot of my low mood will go away. Nice to have transportation again...

Well, I didn't get best in show but I did when Second place at the Bedford County Fair...a lovely red ribbon! So, I was happy about that. I thought it was until Sunday but it turns out it ended on Saturday. I hope the animals were all right as it was so hot and warm. Plus, the prizes have totally fizzled to nothing. I wish they'd bring that back esp. since they charge an arm and a leg for admission and other costs. Maybe if there was a $1-2 entry fee this would create more prizes for all the work that goes into the art, etc. Just a thought.

Lots coming up this week...I have a fabric pick-up in Patton which should be pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing what I get and what I can make out of different things. Earlier, I got two boxes of upholstery fabric from my neighbor and I am going to be redoing the dining room chairs in mix and match fabric. I tell you when people learn that you work with fabric, you just seem to inherit a whole lot at once! Kind of funny.

Doctors on Tuesday, Unitarian Meeting on Wednesday, Stitch and Bitch on Thursday and two days of Physical Therapy. Well, at least I'll have my car back, thank the stars.

We might be able to get air conditioning for the car too! What we do is go to the junk car lot and get replacement parts from there. They adapt it to your car and voila! Very nice was to recycle and save some cash too.


A friend mentioned that letters handwritten, mean a whole lot more to Congress/representatives. So, I'm aiming to write one this week. See what happens.


I was reading about Gandhi's life and found out he wasn't very good in school and oddly was fired from a part-time teaching position. For some reason, this made me feel a lot better about myself. It's funny how I carry things for so long and only now realize, hey it happens to everyone, even Gandhi.


I had thought we were going to get a rabbit this year, but we might not. Just because we have to make a side patio and cover it. This isn't happening yet, but it will. Still, I think it might be better to wait.


Mr. Nelson is feeling sick. I might have to take him to the vets. I think he drank some rain water that collected somewhere without me knowing and grew some bugs. Poor guy. Wonder if he'll need anti-biotic. I tried to slip him some Tums but he looked at me like I was mad. I ground them into peanut butter and dog food and then he ate it up. He did chase Simone (my gray cat); this is a good sign.

The house is a mess and I have fallen arches. It's muggy and I feel kind of productive. Hope this coffee gets me going. I may have to open my birthday present from my mom (it's hiding in the closet) to cheer me up.

Well, I've got things to clean as Monday is my official clean the house as much as I can day...ugh.


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