Finding things...

Yesterday, if I had written a post, would have been filled with angst, annoyance and maybe a bit of anger mingled with sleepiness. Today I feel quite different. First off, I did some work in my compost...basically, I just turned the soil a few times and then helped Jon's attempt (he's using a plastic trash bin with holes as his compost). Jon has never turned the stuff in there and only puts some dirt on top when I remind him. So, I dug out about half of the mud/compost and put in some dry dirt and mixed the mush with my compost which I must admit is looking pretty good.

I learned an important lesson, however. 1. Never put seeds you care about into pure compost...90% will not survive or get past the seedling stage because of the heat of the compost. 2. Don't put a pumpkin in your compost unless you want a pumpkin growing there. Well, I've found out that last years pumpkin was not entirely devoured by Autumn's chipmunks, as I thought. Rather, I've got a massive and beautiful pumpkin plant growing in the side of the compost. So, we're going to have pumpkins for October, I guess. Kind of a nice surprise, actually.

I also learned, to my great surprise, that you can in deed take a grape vine snipping, put it in water and grow roots! Now, I will be planting a grape vine and next year will have grapes!!! Very exciting.

After I composted for a bit, I worked in the garage which is in great need of TLC. I've got junk in there from the previous owner, my junk and stuff I want to fix, etc. Well, I was sorting through there and found an entire encyclopedia from the 1950's or so, about eight phone books from the 70's and a working tape recorder with mic!! This is awesome as now I have more than enough ephemera to work with for collageing and probably sell some on eBay. Plus, the cool thing about the recorder is I found a tape with the previous owners voice on it and could hear how he talks! Very cool. I also found some of his old soldier papers, stuff from when he was in the military and some stuff from when his dad was in the military, perhaps. Also, lots of old fashioned checks, receipts and business accounts. Very interesting. Other things have to be tossed because of mice getting into it and other things are just broken. But I was amazed to see all these things. Fascinating and like a walk through history.

Well, later on I cleaned out my desk in the bedroom and repaired a few drawers that kept falling apart...I felt a little like "This Old House" or one of those shows on PBS that have lots of repair/make it yourself stuff. I ended up finding a lot of "missing" things and about half my hair clips which little hands seem to like to play with a lot.

But best of all I found my glue gun. I've been searching for it since yesterday and after looking for it on all over the house, I sat down and there it was in a basket by the computer! What a relief.

I am just so thrilled the grape vine has roots! I feel like this is a good sign as I used to take clipping of rose bushes and grow roots on them in water all the time in California. It makes me so happy to know I can still do this in PA.

Anyway, I have to do a few things in the basement...working on some new artwork w/abstract elements, trying to finish some puppets (esp. now that I've got the glue gun) and feeling pretty good about some grape roots.


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