Feeling a bit tired...Flying Toast

It's one of those days, apparently. I should have realized this when I flipped my buttered piece of toast in the air. Just an odd day, really. So much happened I can't even remember the whole thing, just bits and pieces. What did I do? I wrote out the bills, I know that. Then I got a disheartening letter back from a volunteer writing position. So, I was down from that.

Then a sick cat came into our yard that looked just like Sampson. It was so ill that it got within a foot of Nelson and didn't run away. I was afraid of rabies so I brought Nelson in. Then I found the cat on our front porch...I gave it food/water and it didn't seem to touch it. The poor cat laid on it's side and acted like it was really injured. So, I called the humane society, no luck. But oddly, when I called my dad-in-law to help me drop off the critter, my mom-in-law said the animal control guy was right there. He came down, got the cat and left a message w/ the people I thought might be the owners or else know of the owners. Honestly, why do people leave cats out? Ridiculous. I felt really sorry about the cat...he looked good other than seeming to have no use of his back legs.

At least this little guy, if he has to be put down, will be done in painless way. I've seen so many animals killed or ill because they were neglected over the years. Very sad. I don't think I need to write out all the horrible things that I've seen from animals being left to defend for themselves. Let's just say, having a safe indoor home is the best option.

I did find out that some cats (feral) can survive and live a long happy life in the wild. These places are called colonies and the cats still need to have vet intervention and ear tags. Interestingly, ear tags help animal control to identify if the cats need to be treated and neutered. I'm glad to see there is some sort of program to protect animals and they are safe in the "wild". I'm guessing the wild is a farm of some sort.

Anyway, I got Sampson's look alike off to wherever he's going and Lydia saw the cat being taken away. She thought it was Sampson. After I showed her Sampson was still here and well, she was all right. But having a cold makes her short tempered and needy. I ended up rescheduling a medical appointment, so this was less stress for me.

I have to admit the deep heat thing I got on Monday seems to be helping a bit. I'm glad because having an inflamed muscle is not pleasant.

Lydia is wearing a pair of kids skates...she loves them. Part of the freecycle stuff. I forget sometimes that kids can be so impressed with something like that. Very sweet.

Hopefully, we'll be able to go to Del Grosso's tonight. I feel so tired but Bob Casey could be there and dinner doesn't sound too bad. Though I have a feeling we'll be too late because Jon is taking forever getting home.

Well, I'm glad I got the cat some attention and I hope for the best. It's been an emotional day...I even cried when I read Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton. I felt like this today.

I just want to go to bed...but Lydia is up from her 25 minute nap (only because she is sick).


goatman said…
So what became of the cat?
I once had a cat run over by a cadillac and we took it to the vet for help. He was able to insert some pins in its back hip and we had Pippin for another 6 years. I am befused as to what the end result of your wandering intruder was?
Emily said…
Well, I told the animal control guy that I *think* the house it belongs to is across the street and he went there to leave a note and see if they might know who the owners are (if there are any).

Basically, the animal control guy came and got him. I have to go over to the neighbors and ask about it. I was rather emotional when I wrote this entry. Sorry about that...

Unfortunately, I don't think this little guy had a permanent home as I vaguely remember him wandering around a long time ago and I tried to catch him then. He was quite feral and was very suspcious of even the cat food I left out.

Still, I hope he does find a home but at least he's not suffering on the street.

Believe me, I'd probably take him in...have four cats-all of which were strays. Still, I feel sorry for this one...I just hope it wasn't rabies or something like this.

I'm very glad to hear the story of your cat Pippin. I'm always happy to hear of a happy ending.

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