Been pretty hot around these here parts...

And I had either a MAJOR migraine or it was the flu. Either way, I was ill on Tuesday like I haven't been in some while. I'd forgotten that feeling of having a knot in your stomach...felt like (and any woman that's had a baby knows this feeling)I was six months pregnant and the "little one" was kicking. However, it was my stomach knocking around...not fun. So, after I threw-up I started to feel a little better but still gross. Sorry for the description...hopefully, nobody is eating while reading this...

I think I know why I had such a strong migraine/allergy (if it was that)...I was rummaging around my 3rd floor in 100 degree heat in the afternoon w/ no air filters. I was looking around for various art stuff/supplies (and found a good deal of fun things to play with) but about half way through this I sat down and felt like I was in a sauna. Sauna's aren't normally bad but I was moving around and it was very dusty/stuffy even with the windows open. When I came down, I was sweating and red. So, I'm almost 100% it was from this...or heat exhaustion.

Yesterday, Norrie felt awful and I thought for sure she had the flu or something similar to what I have. Fortunately, it may be a summer cold. I think it might be partially allergies too. She's very allergic to grasses we found out a few weeks ago (horrible swelling on the hands, legs...where she touched grass and something called fox tails). So, I've become paranoid about her running out and playing. I think we're just going to have to mow the grass more often or get rid of certain spots so, the girls can play relatively safe.

Obviously, I haven't been doing as much art as I would like to do...just trying to get the laundry under control after being down. It's amazing, when you are sick and no other grown-up is around, how kids will behave. They basically will not give you a moment's peace, will think you are laying down so they can jump on you, and will get into everything. I swear I wished I had a hologram of myself that would be a physical representation of myself and straighten them up. No such luck. And as luck was not on my side, Jon was an hours drive away and had carpooled that day and we couldn't get to his parents or find their cell phone #.

Feeling so miserable, I didn't even have the strength to punish crimes or move around much. Awful feeling. I think probably felt sick the day before as I didn't feel like picking up anything or sweeping (which I actually like doing...hate doing dishes but sweeping isn't too bad).

Well, we went to the doctors yesterday...everything's all right and I'm going to get a physical, etc. So, that's good. I'm feeling optimistic and glad to be proactive about everything.

Also, there is a break in the weather...a cloudy damp day...hopefully it becomes mild and not steamy humid. I wish I could get used to this weather or at least wear some sort of mask/air tank so I can go out and not feel irritated by pollen. VERY ANNOYING!!

I'm also happy with my new doctor. I hate to sound preferential, but I think a female doctor for females is just so much better. I felt much more comfortable and, Jon was there and that helped a great deal.

In other news, we've been bat watching in the evening. We have a small screened in back porch and can see bats flying about catching insects. Lovely and fascinating. They swoop back and forth in big arches and are fascinating to watch. Of course, that's about as close as I want them too...

Apparently, some poor bobcat got rabies (most likely from a bat) and attacked some person in a local bike park! Very scary. They had to kill the bobcat and it indeed had rabies...hope the person is all right that got attacked.

Sometimes I think we're really in the city and then I realize, we're not. We're very close to nature here and I often have conflicting feelings about this. On one hand, nature is all wonderful and beautiful. But on the other, if you're allergic to any plants or get attacked by a rabies infested animal, my goodness watch out. I guess I'm not a survival of the fittest person/creature...I probably should live in a bubble (the sad thing is, I'm not really kidding either).

Anyway, I've got things to do...a rat cage to clean, call about rescheduling an eye appointment and see if my car is ready for pick-up. All this while tending to the young-ins and hopefully squeezing in some art (believe, I'll try). I need to write a pile of notes to people. I really want to join the local art group and see how that works. They do group shows, so this is attractive.

I'm so glad Norrie is feeling good...she woke up at 5:30 am (went down at 8 pm) and at first we thought she was going to throw-up. Turns out she was just rested and ready to start the day! What a joy...of course, if she had gotten up at 7:30 am, I'd be even happier. Ah, well.

Oh, Jon and I have been watching original Star Trek of late. Some of it is kind of silly but others of it are very true and still has a message for today. I'm going to have to look up the scripts of certain shows and do an essay blog about it. The original Star Trek was written during an interesting time in American history and reflects a lot of the humanist ideals that America tried to stand for as well as giving voice to opposing views. Not very many shows (if any) do that today. In fact, the times we live in right now are extremely political and yet, we only have a few people acknowledging these things (environment and esp. economics). How are we so distracted by __________(fill in the blank) to ignore basic things like our air/water and the fairness wages? And I do think there are too many distractions and not enough reflections.

While we watched Star Trek, there was a touching scene of Spoke reflecting/meditating a situation that had arisen. We could hear his thoughts and how he weighed both sides of the situation. It was an interesting introspective view...and gave the characters on the show more depth, as well as being a good example of what we should all try doing.

Pray/Meditate for peace

Lastly, I cut my hair. Actually, I did this about two weeks ago...Let me just say, I'm so glad I did it. I never realized I had so many spilt ends. I was planning on donating my hair to locks of love but I feel ashamed at the unruliness of my hair. I wonder if they'd mind. Either way, I feel so much better now that it's cut. In fact, I want to get it done properly and have a little flip cut into it. I also grew my bangs out and it has a "sleek" look...esp. with my long face. It is good to try something new, sometimes and let me just say, what a good way of cooling off. I love short hair!


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