An adventure...

Not the typical adventure. This one involved my sewing machine. I've had my "Brother" machine for over 5 years now. It's nearly as old as my marriage! Lately, I've been giving it a real work out, sewing up mini-quilts, using paper and other material in these quilts. So, my little sewing machine has been through a lot recently. Add on to that the years I've had it, it was no wonder that it started act odd. Thread started to mysteriously disappear, stitches skipped, tangles ensued and the next thing I knew, all my stitching looked so wrong.

This meant I'd have to take my machine apart. The dreaded and long needed cleaning of the sewing machine was about to take place. I got out my sewing manual and looked up how to clean out the dust, etc. After reading the instructions a few times, I got the idea and set off. I removed the plate and saw all the dust, thread and lint. It was a tad more than I thought and I began to wonder how I even could sew anything with it that dusty. So, I picked and dusted and got the dust out of layer #1. Next, I had to remove the race. This was a bit more challenging as there are quite a few warnings of all the things that could go wrong. I managed to get it out more dust, thread, etc. The directions say several times "DO NOT OIL". So, I didn't oil but I had a perverse thought of someone thinking, "well, maybe just a drop". It seemed kind of funny at the time.

Well, I got all the lint gunk out and then tried putting it back together. Gave it a trial run and it sewed. However, the bobbin wasn't catching and I could not get it out without removing the plate again. Annoying. So, after about 35 minutes and close to 12:30am, I finally got it in order and felt victorious. I was going to hold off till the next day, but thoughts of little helping hands spurned me on.

I now feel like I have gone where I have always feared and have learned something new. It's a good feeling. Oh, and the machine is working so much better. Interesting how a good dusting helps.


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