Thunder and lighting very very frightening me!

Oh, I nearly always think of that line from Queen when we have lightening and thunder. I love Queen! What a beautiful voice and the flexibility! Queen always gets me up and running to match my caffine highs! Ah, Freddie Mercury...what a brillant singer. He was a true great...

Haven't posted much because I've been effected by the was hot, muggy, humid yesterday but I still managed to go to the post, get wet from a 15 minute downpour and finally "flipped out" and let Jon do the daddy thing while I did my art thing. I felt better after an hour of painting and even better after two hours. My wrist is in pain, but I'm glad I did my paintings. My little ACEO's and some slightly bigger pieces are my sanity that make a day of child rearing/house cleaning bearable.

I also am thrilled because I sold my first mini-quilt! I felt like this justified my ability as a craftswoman. I also learned how to list my quilt in the right spot too...which helps.

I'm working on more of my quilts, as well. It's good to have work you like doing to do. :)

My mom has been sewing up a storm and I have some beautiful things she's made to list...I'm so excited about this. I'll probably do this tonight or on the weekend (still debating). Let's just say, it's cat themed...:)

Some summer things I've been doing...gardening, painting the inside cupboard with chalkboard paint to have a chalkboard in the kitchen, planning on doing some minor/major repairs and organizing my art stuff. Not much but for me it's a lot. Plus, I finished my painting for the Bedford fair...REALLY early. I'm a bit surprised at this as I thought it was due this week...but it was due the mid of July. So, there is the framed piece ready to go. Wow.

Also, my art agent Jon, has been finding places to display my work and I sold one painting! Very happy about that.


Shelina said…
Congratulations on being sold! I've only sold one commission piece, so I can just imagine the thrill.
Emily said…
Thanks, Shelina! I'm definitely feeling great...and inspired. I've got more quilts on the burner now! By the way, I looked at your blog...very impressive work! Wow! Your quilts are beautiful!

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