Strange day...

It wasn't meant to be an odd day or anything. Planned to go (and did) to the Relay for Life. Next year, I'm going to do some actual walking (the girls will be older and more manageable) and maybe even donate some artwork for the cause.

We started off leaving the house and then in-between rain pouring down hard we made to the festivities. Had a nice time saying hi and then we went off to the rascals for relay section. It was a nice time with the gals making bead necklaces and playing a few games. I had brought Mr. Nelson and didn't realize this wasn't allowed. Nobody said a word, fortunately. Mr. Nelson actually brought smiles and I wish I could have thought to make him a little tee-shirt with something like .50 cent hugs donations to Ozmosis (our groups name in memory of Todd Sparks). Next year, will be great because I have a ton of ideas! : )

However, the strange thing was when I left a wind started brewing. I'm like, oh dear a bit of wind. People were snatching at their tents, stuff and canopy tents. The wind starts to settle, picks up more and more and suddenly we are in a mini-hurricane! I was really, really scared and I grabbed the kids and Nelson to me and put my back to whatever might come our way. Fortunately, nothing did. However huge canopy tents went flying into the air and landed in the trees outside of the park! I could not believe my eyes. People were fine and a nervous laughter could be heard throughout the park...but I wanted to cry. I grabbed the girls and we trotted back to the car and Lydia said, "we're safe now, aren't we mommy." I agreed but I was worried about the people down in the park. I was going to take out my camera and get some pics of the tents and people helping each other but I did not want to endanger my little ones. I've never been through something like this and though it was relatively mild, thoughts of Katrina and hurricanes in the coming year flew through my mind.

I hope the rest of the relay is all right but it was horrible to see these tents fly up into the air like plastic bags and they weight at least 200 pounds...very scary. Strange times…


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