I'm not complaining but...

it's raining a whole lot over here. So much so, all my peonies have fallen to the ground, my snowball hydrangeas look flat(!) and it's just so humid there are mushrooms popping up all over! This is a lot of rain. Plus, there is thunder and did I mention the humidity? It wouldn't be too bad if my sun roof on the car didn't leak. I had to take Autumn (our eldest cat) in for shots and found out she has allergies. Of course. Poor girl, takes after me. Otherwise, she's doing well...also, I found out the scab on her paw is not a scab but drippings from her ear allergies. Who would have known! Anyway, she's on some allergy medicine now.

I'm going to take the cats in one per month and get everything up to code. I feel better about that, now. It's been awhile since I've gotten their shots but I felt I didn't have to worry too much as they are all house cats. But now that Nelson is going out more he might bring in fleas or something and I want them all protected.

Anyway, the rain is falling, falling and it's making me feel a bit grumpy as it aggravates my joints in my hands. Part of life, I guess.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow...not looking forward to that. Then more stuff and looks like the dryer is busted...or at least the belt is. We just got a replacement part of the vacuum which is better than a new sweeper! So, that was good.

I started a whole other post about the weekends activities...volunteered to help this organization help raise money to repair a local community building. These are times I wish I was a millionaire. I don't say this often but I sometimes wish I had a couple extra thousand, million and could help out a bunch of places like the Juniata Gap Pavilion. I'll have to post more about this later.

Art wise, I want to remodel the basement a bit and make a studio space for me in this one corner. I can totally see it in my mind and will have to sketch it out. Maybe I'll have a yard/porch sale to get rid of some stuff. Then I'll free cycle the rest of it.

The basement is looking better and better as it's A. the coolest place in the house, B. has potential C. the driest place in the house (except for minor leaking from all this rain and poorly planned drainage from our neighbors...their rain gutters run off along side our property and drain into our basement. Lovely.). Oh, and it's relatively quiet. I'm thinking if we can redo part of it and put a couch down there and some stuff for the kids, it could serve as a rec room as well. Ideally, I would love to move the washer/dryer to the second floor like some friends of ours have. Boy, I love that idea! I hate dragging three+ loads of laundry up two flights of stairs. Anyway, projects, ideas and dreams...


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