Half an hour...

Wow. This was the fastest I've ever been to the dentist! Two fillings and out the door. Amazing. I was a bit nervous but apparently a lot has advanced since I've been to a dentist...thankfully. I like my dentist! :)

And all this in the rain, rain, rain. Funny, my dentist was talking about Colorado and it being dry...well, I've been through real droughts and when the air is so dry the wind blows dust. No, I'd rather have the rain and humidity...it washes the streets clean, makes the air smell rich and pure with plantlife and makes you feel like there is potential the baptism of a rain shower. Yes, I prefer a good monsoon...well, maybe not a monsoon.

Photo taken at stop light in Altoona...patch of wild flowers with a no walking sign. Such is the city planners idea of commuting by car...there aren't even any sidewalks incase your car stalls! Scary.


Now, I need to get some art things ready for "Show and Sell" (this is my new mantra). I've a few new things I'm working on...just need to find the time to do it. The girls are at grandma/pa's and I snuck over to the house right now to change shirts (my sunroof in the car is leaking quite a bit).


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