Today was clean-up the rats and bird cage (not in the same cage). Lots of mess but they look really good now! I'm glad to see them looking so good.

I have four rats and I doubled their cage by attaching two aquariums with wire tops. They have twice as much space and seem to enjoy it.

Odie, our cockatiel, has a clean cage as well. I trimmed his wings yesterday for the first time and all went well except he really bit me hard! Actually, drew blood! At first I thought it was him but then I felt pain and it was me. My hands are really dry from scrubbing up the cat litter time, I'm wearing gloves.

Today was another humid day...went to the library with the girls so they could have some play time and I could do a little art. It went smoothly but then Lydia and Norrie started fighting and didn't share. It was lunch time, so I'm pretty sure that was part of it. Stopped at Dairy Queen and some strange old guy tried to make conversation but he creeped me out instead. So, we left. Got my allergy shot and home again.

I must be getting used to these warm sticky days or else the weather is cooling off (I'm pretty sure it's the latter). The peonies are opening up and yesterday when we looked outside at the thunder, all the climbing roses had opened up too! I told Lydia that the thunder woke up the buds...seemed right some how.
Reminds me of a poem...

Swift things are beautiful:
Swallows and deer,
And Lightning that falls
Bright-veined and clear,
Rivers and meteors,
Wind in the wheat,
The strong-withered horse,
The runner's sure feet.

And slow things are beautiful:
The closing of day,
The pause of the wave
That curves downward to spray,
The ember that crumbles,
The opening flower,
And the ox that moves on
In the quiet of power.

Elizabeth Coatsworth

Lydia likes plants and flowers. Norrie is really into insects and small animals like birds and chippys. Very sweet and interesting to see the differences.

We have several wild rose bushes on the side of our parking and I forgot to take a few pics of one pale type. Another bloom is appearing...light yellow white, thought it was honey suckle but it's not. Interesting to see the variations.

Nelson's hair is growing back in, thankfully. But I think I'll take him to the groomers and get cut really short to even it out. Poor guy.

I have loads of ideas for art and want to do so much but the weather is sapping my energy. It'll get better as I/we get used to it all.

I'm thinking of leaving my dining room table (it came with the house) in the living room and putting two practical tables in the dining room or studio. I think this will do, actually or at least till I get the basement ready for bigger art classes.



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