Friday, June 16, 2006

Being called Martha Stewart...

So, yesterday I was out with my gals gardening in the front yard. To most, this is a normal activity. For me, it's been quite nerve wrecking and rather stressful. We live on a high activity road and I have a constant fear of the kids or Mr. Nelson running out into the street. Actually, Nelson did run away on Sunday but ran right home in about twenty minutes or less. I was frantic but Jon was able to grab him once he was in ball playing range...also, the streets were pretty bear at that time.

Anyway, we live on a very busy street and I do get scared of traffic, etc. However, this time I was feeling better because the girls were actually staying close, planting seeds and being rather good. The sun was up and we had our hats on and the weather has just really started to get warm. I was sweating and red faced and very frustrated as I realized all the rain we had did nothing to soften the clay ground we have. Tearing at weeds, over grown grass and some other types of ground cover, Norrie kept tumbling over and getting under foot and Lydia was ready to sprinkle seeds everywhere. Just when I started to feel like we look like crazed people gardening in mid-80 degree weather a few cars go past and I glanced up. Some people were smiling and I guess we looked sort of sweet. Then another car zoomed down and some teen/college aged kids shout, "F---ing Martha Stewart wanna be!" I just blinked and was like how dare they interrupt my space and my "supposed" relaxing, not to mention SWEARING in front of two little ones! After my indignation settled, I had to laugh to myself...Martha Stewart faced, annoyed/frustrated, stung on the hand by some spider or sweat bee, trying to keep my little gals from rolling into the street while kneeling for all to see in her mud covered knees...yes, certainly a Martha Stewart want to be, am I. Oh, least it made me laugh. Such is the perils of living on an active street...

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David said...

problem is that kids have NO manners and no sense of shame.
im here from FFMB - the bassonist.
God bless your weekend


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