You will find what you are looking for

after you have bought the same thing again. Ever feel this way? I do. Apparently, this also works for when you have made a replacement for the missing thing too. Here's what happened.

For several weeks now, I've been working with my older art student in teaching her linoleum carving. She's making birthday invitations for her 17th year. In this time frame, I've been searching for a missing brayer. The little roller I have to spread on the ink and ink up my plates. I couldn't find it and assumed (apparently wrongly) my 4 or 2.5 year old had misplaced it. Why do I wrongly blame people too? Well, that's a whole other blog, to say the least.

Anyway, I finally started to have a break down of sorts thinking I'd lost the dang thing for eternity or (rightfully) assumed it would appear when I least expected it.

Well, I wanted to see if my theory of replacing the lost something with a made by me replacement would satisfy the gods of the lost things. I proceeded to cut some plastic piping (left over pipe pieces from the puppet stage Jon and I built) and started twisting a metal coat hanger into shape. Trimmed off the excess and low and behold, a brayer! And it works! Compared to my original brayer, it's about 85% as good.

I probably should take a pic and share (I'll have to do it later as it's 2:30am...went down at 9:30pm. It was a long day filled with everything).

And of course, the gods of lost items laughed upon me and I found my brayer yesterday in a little tool pile of stuff I have going on in the mud room. I've learned my can find ways to make what you need and not have to shill out those copper coins at every corner. And now, I have two brayers! : )


nobody girl said…
Hi, this is Sarah from the FFMB. I've checked out your blog before, but can't remember if I left a note. I adore your artwork and enjoy your commentary ... it's a good read.

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