Whipup:Whiplash "Yarn"

I finally had a few moments after all the things we went through on this weekend. Talk about having your emotions twisted around. But we are doing better, if not feeling a bit frazzeled.


I wanted to do something different with the word "yarn". I crochet and knit but physically felt unable to do much of that this weekend (it got a tad chilly and for some reason this really bothered me and just crawled back into bed. Thankfully, Jon took care of everyone).

I decided to create a painting with a play on the word yarn, as in telling tales, tall tales, etc. Or just how kids see their parents as super human beings. I also wanted to do this as an homage for all moms, aunts, big and little sisters, and friends. So, here is my version of yarn...or tall tales or seeing the super in our moms and girlfriends.

You can see a bigger version at my flicker account here.



Violet & Rose said…
Your illustrations in general are beautiful, and I really like your take on yarn.
g. said…
I love your illustration!
Emily said…
Thanks, Jo and g.!

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