What a day...

Started off wet and rainy but turned into a beautifully sparkling day! Had Jon drop off stuff for the UU annual yard sale in Duncansville (actual name). We drove by later and checked things out. Unfortunately, Lydia saw several items I donated (such as a pair of Dora boots and pink mittens) and had a fit. Poor thing. We had to go back and buy them...kind of embarrassing and sweet. I talked to Lydia, who I'm sure felt betrayed by my careless action of giving away her pink mittens, and assured her I wouldn't give away things until we had talked about it. It really was very sad to see her so upset, poor dear. But she was happy when she got her mittens back and all for a dime. Sigh...

Before this, I got some supplies at AC Moore. I'm going to try my hand at making matting. I hope I can do this. It seems a bit daunting.

Then we went to the Art festival and saw lots of art,

people, and ate lunch. Jon and I shared a Greek platter...not too bad, actually. And we had to get a funnel cake (which was a tad pricey for that small thing!). We also got the traditional kettle corn...had the popcorn gal split it into two bags for the girls.

Tomorrow, Jon's folks sing in their choir group at the arts festival. I don't know if we'll go again...I'll see. Seems this year had a lot less dogs at the festival too. Last time, I think there were at least 20-30 dogs. This time...only four! Plus, there was this really chubby Dachshund...cute and looked like it was a little turtle with fur! lol!

I saw my work there at the juried art exhibit. This was exciting! I wish there was better lighting but the pieces looked very good, otherwise. There was quite a crowd and I started regretting not making it to the reception for artists. But as it was such a strange and sad week, I'm glad to be out and about. It seems like this has been a very odd emotionally draining week with our Aunt passing...

Fitzgerald & Beach Acoustic Based Blues Duo...sorry for the blurry pics. Lydia dropped the camera two weeks ago and it hasn't been the same... : (

This year's festival feels smaller or just spread out more. I think the last two or so times I went, I was really medicated so much for my allergies it felt like a hurdle just to walk around. Now, it seems like everything looks so empty. I hope more people go...it's rather nice...even if they make you pay $3 for parking.

Lydia and Norrie with their new friend

Oh, and I had to introduce a new member to the house! Odie our cockatiel! He's so cute and actually will sit on my shoulder and help with laundry.
Yeah, I know I'm nuts...now I have four rats, 1 dog, four cats, and a bird...oh and a pear and a peach tree (sung to 12 days of Christmas...).

A funny bit...the chapel at 4pm played chimes, some nice little melody...and then went into a rendition of Aquarius...as in "Hair" Ah...campus life.


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