Strange day...

So, I went off to tutor science today...planning on collecting water at a nearby pond, spring, and other water sources. Brought Mr. Nelson as it would be nice to have Nelson out and about, besides he was already a bit muddy and a walk through the wet woods wouldn't be a problem.

We go to the pond get the water samples, tread back to the house and stop to look for almond beetles. I tie Nelson to a tree and we start looking for almond beetles. My knot comes untied and next thing I know, Mr. Nelson is wandering off. We try to make a grab for him but Nelson starts to dodge and play and run in ever increasing circles. I start to panic and chase after the boys who are chasing Mr. Nelson and Mr. Nelson is having the time of his little doggie life. After awhile I catch up and we start to hunt Mr. Nelson down only to see him disappear behind a ridge and I'm like, "Oh, my God...he's gone." We run up to the ridge calling him but no luck. I'm like where the heck is he? We walk into the woods and I start thinking, my god, he's going to be bear food. This and when I get my hands on him, I'm going to kill him. Anyway, one of the kids and I walk on and on until there is some sort of a clearing and we're calling and everything when I see these tires attached to these trees saying "KEEP OUT". For some reason, my hair stands on end and I am royally creeped out. There are two of these signs and I keep thinking there must be some strange ritual or something down here...and I admit I was worried about forest people or hill billies (sorry, I know it's politically incorrect) or hunters as well as bears. After about 20 feet, I say, “let's just stop here and wait for Mr. Nelson to catch us.” So we wait and I feel a bit better but feel sad too because I start thinking Mr. Nelson's leash is stuck on a tree or he fell off the cliff or something like that. That's when we here the other kid and his mom and low and behold they've got my devil of a dog, Mr. Nelson. Apparently, he had been running in increasing circles and he had run back to the house to talk to their dogs. I should have just sat on the stoop and waited for him there. ARGH!

So, we learned that the mom had luckily come out and Mr. Nelson was tempted with a treat of turkey. They then found us in the middle of the woods and I was happily reunited with Mr. Nelson. Then we walked back and I could at last enjoy the woods and not have flashes of the Blair witch project running through my head. What a day. Phew. Who knew Science could be so exciting!

Well, we finally did the water experiment...does soap have any effect on algae? We shall see in about five days. Oh, my…


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