Stiff joints, aches and Superman

It's rainy here in cloudy Altoona, PA. It’s rainy but, oh so beautiful. Love it, actually. Only problem with the rain...or certain storm fronts, is they could bring in weather that makes my joints feel stiff and reminds me of how human I still am. Mild arthritis, I'm guessing. My allergies are under control with weekly shots but the fingers start getting owies and the rest follows. I've decided to become proactive and do stretches, have mass quantities of Ben gay on hand and some Motrin. sigh...All this to live in a very beautiful part of the world.

Well, apparently there is a new movie coming out about Global Warming by Al Gore. I'm actually excited about seeing this film as it's not one of those doom day films and does offer ways to redeem ourselves from ourselves. Exciting stuff. Of course, the Big Oil companies are screaming bloody murder over this film because a lot of the problems stem from these companies desire to maintain the status quo. My question is, why don't these oil companies switch to alternative energies? They obviously have a lot of money...and lots extra to give to politicians, commercials, start wars, etc. Why not, instead of oil, put energy into creating none polluting, readily useable resources? Oil companies remind me of those villains in the old Superman cartoons. If you've ever seen those cartoons, you know what I mean. The villains put X amount of energy in finding ways to steal, manipulate the masses or be greedy in some way. I remember one episode where the villain even creates advanced robots (that even fly!) just to steal some jewels. Imagine if he had put those robots on the market! Why he'd be a millionaire! Funny how art does reflect life...

A good model for oil companies is BP, British Petroleum. They actually have done a lot to change their industrial work by implementing energy efficiencies. By doing so, they have made changes to control carbon dioxide which is implemented in the Kyoto treaty. This is a good change in oil companies and one that should teach other oil conglomerates that change is not that expensive and actually really good for business.


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