rainy day...

Earlier I wrote about Mr. Nelson's unfortunate new hair style. When Jon came home he said, "my goodness...what...what happened to Nelson! He looks like he's going bald. Oh, my." And Jon definitely agrees Nelson looks a different breed than Bichon. Thank goodness it's raining. Hopefully nobody will notice his freak hair style since all is too wet. Poodle with a Mohawk by Lynda Barry was mentioned...Bichon with a buzz cut is what I have. sigh...

Anyway, it was one of those days...Norrie filled the toilet up to the rim with toys, beads, you name it. I couldn't believe she'd do that, but she did. I cleaned it all out with Lydia keeping me company and then I couldn't fish out a last bead and Lydia burst out crying and said I should still get it but I had already flushed the toilet. One of those days...I love and hate Fridays. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't rainy, or maybe not.

The nice/good thing is Jon is home (!) for a 3 day weekend. He's already got plans but there is still time to relax and what not. I want to paint the dining room floor but I doubt I'll get to that. It's enough I mopped the floors (not really, but I'm trying to be optimistic). We might try fishing...I'm a tad nervous about this as I've never fished. Seems vaguely interesting but I have a tendency to want to do something, instead of just sitting. We shall see. Might be too wet, anyway.

In sad news, a nice fellow I met when I first moved here three years ago, has passed away. His name is Andrew Moore and we shared a library show of our artwork. He was a very nice man and a wonderful artist. He was 93 years old but you wouldn't be able to tell. Boy, was he a wit and loved to make people laugh in his quiet way. Very charming person. I'll miss him.


Last week, we did a clean-up with our Unitarian group. Or rather, we tried. It was so rainy/windy all the trash blew away. Jon did find some Styrofoam and much to his delight, a morel mushroom! I admit it was quite exciting to see it standing proudly amongst the roots of a tree. Apparently, you can take mushrooms from a park but I'm not going to say do it. Whether we took one or not, we did have mushrooms in our lunch and it was rather good. : )

I used my film camera and so, pics will be late in coming. Hopefully, they came out decently.

It's nearly midnight. We stayed up watching this movie called "Nanny Mcphee". A children's film which didn't hold the kids attention in the least. I had to talk them into being interested or else they jumped on me, ran around the room or talked over the movie. Ah, well. I enjoyed it...the colors for rooms were fantastic, scenes out of a story book, story lagged but was all right (even if it's the same old concept that an older guy will fall for the younger prettier gal...annoying). Still, pretty to watch to some extent.

I moved the dining room table into the living room and could sit by the little fireplace of ours and paint with the family. This was a pleasant surprise...though a bit noisy.

I would like to get that basement into order but I feel it's going to take longer than 3 months. Mainly because I'm tired right now. When I'm tired, I feel like the least amount of effort for anything is a burden...and believe me, I'm tired.

I still feel badly about poor Nelson. I hope it looks better tomorrow. I don't think he'll let me stick a hat on his poor shaved head. Oh, dear...

On the last refraine...a gentle patter of rain falls against the window, like a soft ancient tapping, reminder of now, tomorrow and yester-year.


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