Pine trees

Pine trees, originally uploaded by emily999.

We went up to Shavers Creek with our homeschool group. Great time and beautiful trees and though it has not been as rainy, it was still green. The forest ground felt really dry and crunchy and there is a no fire ban going one because it looks like a drought is upon us.

I'm definitely going to join the local Audubon society as I would love to go bird watching with the girls. They Environmental center had several birds that had been injured in some way and would live the rest of their lives in cages. It was nice to see the birds and at their second chances.

They had several owls...the horned owl and others that were simply charming. I especially liked the little cute! I may have to do a couple of paintings owls...


TNChick said…
Hi - I'm marchin' thru with the FFMB band this weekend visiting other members. I'm a day late tho. Oops.
Anyway, pines are nice to look at and for birds but they stink to maintain and have in your yard. Last week I posted about them. I can't stand pines LOL
mompoet said…
Hi Emily, what a beautiful perspective on those pines, and I love your owl stitching. Birds are amazing creatures. What a great idea to go family birdwatching. Let us know how it goes!
Hi Emily,
B E A U T I F U L picture!!!
Bring the kids over and look at the 4 owl visitor we have been graced with in our big old tree.
I am going to look at your paintings.
MB in JT

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