I'm out of allergy medicine...

not good. But I don't feel too bad...just a bit sluggish. Plus, I have to go to the post, pharmacy, pick up the girls, etc. I don't even want to get up. I want to take a nap, sleep have my dog washed (he smells like rabbit poo) and that's about it.

It's damp, cold and rainy. A good day to make some scones and maybe some cookies. I feel like it, sort of. If I had my medicine I'd feel 100% more like it.


Jon brought some of my work to the vegetarian/vegan store in State College called Stone Soup. Hope they will like something and display it...more so, I hope someone will like it and buy something. : )

We shall see. The store is really nice but needs a mural and some warm tones on the inside. I do that a lot. I'll be in the doctors waiting room and imagine redecorating or adding this and taking that out, etc. I wish I could do that to my house, actually. But life is life and well, until I become a famous artist, I'll just have to do what I can, when I can.

I'm going through my stash of paintings and reworking frames/matting and thinking about rotating stuff at the local gallery and trying different venues in State College. There is just so many more options in State College in regards to art.


I made pasta last night with fresh Basil, garlic and leftover vegetables. I sautéed the veggies with the garlic and Basil. Then added a locally made spaghetti sauce. Then I dropped the pasta in and lightly coated them. I'm starting to see the need to let food stand for itself. In other words, let the pasta taste like paste. Don't add too many ingredients and let the blending of flavors work together, not compete. So, my pasta came out beautifully and was even better for lunch! Fresh Basil is incredibly different then dried. I can eat the leaves fresh and it invigorates me. Of course, I feel the same about mint.

I'm trying to grow Basil from seed and today I saw a few seedlings peaking out! Very exciting.

On another note, there is a small group, apparently, of people that trade plants. They meet at a local library...this sounds exciting to me. I think I may have to try this out...I'm mostly interested in edibles, however. Actually, I'm interested in most anything. (rolling my eyes here).

I feel a bit down about our new pear tree. Seems to be not doing very well. I'm going to snip a branch and see if it's alive. Jon thinks it has had too much shock or something. Poor little thing.


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