Humid...oh, it's humid...& doggie do's and doggie don'ts

It feels like it's the middle of summer. The weather is moment producing frost conditions, the next humidity of the greatest proportions. I won't be surprised to see fireflies dancing's that humid. Of course, I washed all the floors in the house and now it's taking a good hour to dry them. The coolest place is the basement...which I have to mop up too. I'm going to scrub all the rugs in the house with borax and get rid of the dog pee smell. Next, the carpeted steps and then perhaps the closet (cat pee smell). That's what a house with many a critter is like...we smell like pee. sigh...Don't worry it's just in certain areas of the house that need tending from Winter neglect (also, I do exaggerate...sort of).
Doggie Do's

Anyway, I've found out something about my self. I realize now that it's much easier to pay someone to trim your dogs hair then doing it your self. Yes, poor Mr. Nelson is now sporting a mangled do. It's HORRIBLE. It was worse before (my art student, Jodi, got to see a bit of it) I trimmed it down the second time. All I wanted to do, all I just wanted to do was trim his bangs from getting into his eyes. Not quite....alas, I trimmed him, he moved I gauged and next thing I know he looks really, really bad. Kind of like a Klingon or Shakespeare hair style (bald on top with long hair on the sides). I used Jon's beard trimmer. There is Nelson hair stuck in it. I hope he will not mind. I felt so bad for Mr. Nelson I went to McDonalds and got him a burger. Nelson ate it and doesn't know why I keep shaking my head at him.

I think he suspects I have done something amiss. I admit I laughed at him when I first botched it up. Oh, poor Nelson. I feel awful. I even thought I'd just tell everyone the kids got gum in his hair...but they are only 4 and 2.5; they don't chew gum. I thought glue or paint...but even then it seemed unlikely. I'm sorry Mr. Nelson. I was not meant to be a doggie groomer. I realize this now...

This reminds me of the time I cut my brothers hair for the first time. I did a really bad job and had to shave it down to the skin...he had small nicks and scabs afterwards. From a distant it wasn't too bad but up close...shield your eyes.

Thank goodness hair grows back fast...I hope. And you can definitely see his eyes which makes him look all the more pathetic....
Doggie Don'ts

Small print says: Why did you do this to me?

If a stranger says what breed he is I will say he's a cross between Bichon and Labrador...sigh. I wish there were doggie wigs. Knowing Nelson, he'd just rip it off his head. I wish I could stick a hat on his head or something...


the weather is that bad here, too!
Emily said…
Hopefully to day (Sunday) will be better! Ah, humidity...I can stand it if it brings out all the beautiful flowers. : )Have a good day!

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