Whiplash Competition #2

About three weeks ago, I bought my daughter, Norrie, a tee-shirt with a Pooh (TM) character on it. I didn't pay attention to the wording and was a bit amazed to see a character like Pooh (TM) stating something very un-Pooh like. The message on the shirt said "Bored with you".

Now, I've read the Winnie the Pooh books and I've seen many a Pooh cartoon and I've never heard Pooh say, "I'm bored with you." What a load of crass commericialism! The shirt was as bad as the others (I didn't buy) that stated "Spoiled Brat", "Spoiled Rotten", and other "diva" like sayings. Basically, a bunch of cheap sayings to pump up egos. Meaningless messages and cynical attitudes, is what I say.

As you can tell, it irks me to no end. So, I looked at the Pooh shirt and said, "this message must go." But how? That's when I thought of changing the words to mean something differently. I liked that I have the power to change commerical propaganda and make the tone different.

Here is my attempt to manipulate commercialism:

Stitched message : Not bored with you. Just sleepy.

I'd have had Norrie wear the shirt but it's nap time...ah, well.



Valerie said…
Hurrah! Way to be surly! I love what you've done to this shirt! And I agree with you that all those other "diva" shirts irk the heck out of me.
I think it's wonderful that you've taken your surliness and channeled into an improvement of a pseudo-surly shirt!
Rebecca said…
YAY for you! i'm also sick to death of all the shirts that are out now (for boys too!)

i like your fix much better. sweet. like kids should be :D
bekka said…
cool way to fight the power. i love your idea. i may have to try that on my shirts, though i usually try to avoid ones sporting any kind of message or image...
Emily said…
Thank you for all the positive comments! It does my heart good to know there are others who feel like this! Rage against the machine!
creative kismet said…
I love the way you changed the shirt to be much more pooh-like! Your changes to the t-shirt makes such a great statement in more ways than one! Great entry!

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