When the dogs attack: No fear

Honestly, I didn't know what to do for this subject for Whiplash. The topic is "No Fear". I think life is full of fear and this has caused a lot of problems. Sometimes fear is a good thing like not walking on a busy street or juggling knives. Sometimes fear is bad and makes us act in ways we wouldn't have normally done so, said negative words when we shouldn't have. This is fear talking, not our true selves.

I'm afraid of a lot of things and there are few moments when I felt fear totally leave me; that moment of calm standing before the fire and then jumping through the flames. One of these moments was when I was a little girl at about nine or ten years old. My sister, Becky, and I were walking home from school. We had to pass by a house with a chain link fence and a Doberman pincher that would bark at us. Some days, the dog wouldn't even be there so we'd take the chance of passing by this house and getting barked at or not. One day as we passed by the dog was there and the owners were actually egging it on! Becky (who is two years younger then me) and I started running but she lost a shoe and when we went to pick it up the dog jumped over the fence and tried to physically attack us. For some reason, this made me angry and when I get angry get out of the way! I whipped out my sweater (I remember it was pink) and I snapped it at the dogs face. I repeated it over and over again and the neighbors got quiet and called the dog back. I helped my sister up and we ran home and told our parents.

I don't remember what happened after this but I do remember snapping my sweater at a dog that didn't know any better. Here is my piece for "No Fear".
Titled "Snapping my sweater"

(Click on picture for a closer view)

This piece is dedicated to all those who are snapping their sweaters at barking dogs.

Collage is made of recycled computer paper, water color paper, and acrylic (8 by 10 inches)



gkgirl said…
this is great!
i love the story attached to it
and the dedication at the end
was perfect!!!!
Emily said…
Thank you, gkgirl! I appreciate your comment. : )

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