Snow and cold...

Well, after a few days break of beautiful warm weather, April decided to play one last hand of snow. We awoke to a world covered in white...but it didn't linger long...melted away into a slush and made me think less of global warming. Sigh...I just got the recent Time's magazine and basically, it confirms what many of us already knew. Global warming is upon us. It makes me sad we have leaders in the US that are still doing the minimum or saying one thing and doing quite the other. Frustrating.

I am so working on the campaigns come this election. I already know who I'm voting for in the primaries and the main election.

Went to a Unitarian meeting...great feeling to be around people who are proactive. If you've never been to a Unitarian meeting or church meeting we are very much into volunteering and basically accept everyone.

There is so much on our plate, I'm wondering how we're ever going to accomplish this!I guess the old inch by inch it's a cinch comes into play about now. It sure beats being bored, I'll say that much.

Working, working, working....And looks like we might just have a liberal/progressive choir. I've got some people to talk to and get a bit more info. on things like music rights, etc but seems to be building up steam.

Another in the works, is an organic neigbhorhood garden. This is something I would love to up our side yard to a few neighbors and put some raised beds. Jon's a bit hesistant but if it's a group of people we know, etc might be good to try.

In art related news, I got my slides in to BCAF juried show. Now, the wait begins. I hope at least one piece gets chosen. More would be great but more than one would be excellent.


Working on the never ending puppet show. It will get finished/produced and we can all breath a sigh of relief and move on down to the next project.

Ideas of moving my art studio to the basement keep fluttering into my head but I'm a bit hesistant. Mainly, I think it's really dark down there. Not that the 3rd floor has a lot more light; it does have potential however. Things to think about...



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