Rain? Is it going to rain??

We've been having beautiful warm weather...feels like summer in California about four years back when everything was dry and in a drought. It's a tad scary as the thought of strange weather patterns make me uneasy. Sigh...

But looks like we are in for a good drenching. Supposed to rain tonight, tomorrow and maybe the entire weekend with thunder. I'm actually looking forward to the thunder as I just want to cuddle up in some blankets and watch the lightening.

I feel so tired today. So unlike myself. I think it's all the pollen. I noticed that the last couple of days my throat has felt swollen and like I have a cold...but I don't. It’s almost an asthmatic feeling (though I've never had that feeling before). I think it's just my bodies way of reacting to the pollens. I'm on weekly allergy shots (thankfully) and take my allergy medication, so this helps. And I have been tempted outdoors because of all the beauty popping out.

We went on a nature walk with a local chapter of the Audubon society (which I am going to be joining. I LOVE it! Even with two little ones, it's wonderful). We walked all over Fort Roberdeaux and saw lots of beautiful baby plant life popping up and lots of ancient growth and a 200 year old white Oak. Saw some swallows and just enjoyed the beauty of everything. There are a lot of sinkholes and a little bridge goes out to view one and you can see the innards of a sinkhole. We're definitely going back. Lydia and Norrie were impressed with the eggs in a special nesting box for blue birds. I love nature walks.

This was on Tuesday...the meeting dragged on a bit longer than expected when a politician "dropped" by for a meal/chat. Very annoying as it really made things go on longer and we didn't get to hear the whole lecture on Cougars (which was one of the main reasons we went). Let's just say the politician is quite opposite of environmental actions and human rights but likes to spout as if he is just for those things. I know a ton of people there were really annoyed by him being there and I almost burst out laughing when the guy said "are there any questions?" and some people just started to applaud him (basically meaning, get your ass out of here). So, that was a relief.

Wednesday was a bit calmer but had a problem with my in-laws (who normally watch my gals). They forgot that I was having the kids stay at the neighbors mini-day care for two hours. It was a busy day and I had to take the gals with me to the doctors (when I got my allergy shots).

I’ve been cramming in art here and there. In-between tending to my kids and keeping house (what's left of it), I've been working on my collages and ACEO's. This is what keeps me sane, honestly. Art and being around people who are thoughtful keeps me sane.

This is the sort of week I'm having:

Dominos in the Dog Dish Courtesy of a Two-year-old


Did I mention about rescuing (or interfering with the migratory pattern) of a Eastern box turtle? I saw him on the road and swerved not to hit him. Got out and sure enough, it was a turtle. And such a cutie! I started to remember the two desert tortoises we had as kids. Lots of good memories. My brother would always name them Mr. T (as in the A-team, Mr. T or Mr. Turtle...I was never quite sure). I placed the turtle on my dashboard and drove up to the kids house (where I teach piano lessons) and everyone got a good look at him. Then after lessons we walked down to the pond and set him free (after a lunch of watermelon, lettuce and a dish of water).

Previously, on Easter, we saw a snapping turtle molting in the sun at the campus reflecting pool...seems to be the time of turtles lately. Turtles are such amazing creatures...older than the dinosaurs and amazingly unique in their characteristics.


Though it was a hectic week, it was fun. And I'm learning to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. My favorite book, Stretching Lessons by Sue Bender, talks about this concept...going beyond what you're comfortable with but being true to yourself. It's challenging to do.


I’m being tested by two little raccoons. My gals are constantly keeping me at the ready and I'm learning to see the humor in it all (slowly, sometimes). An example: I told Lydia and Norrie to get their sandals to go water the garden. I waited for their return. I heard an obvious rustle of plastic and started to laugh. What would they bring me? Certainly not sandals! And of course Lydia proudly brings me a plastic bag. "Mommy, what's this?" "Dried mushrooms, Lydia. " "Oh." "Go put them back and look for your sandals." "Okay, mommy."

So, down stairs she goes and nobody comes back up. I go downstairs and find the cupboard is open (we don't keep shoes in the cupboard) and the bag of dried mushrooms on the floor. I see two pairs of feet sticking out from the hideout under the dining room table and there is Lydia and Norrie with a found treasure. A caramel filled chocolate egg being shared between the two of them, their faces sticky and happy. All I can do is shake my head, laugh silently and sigh.


Oh, and by the way, it's raining!!!


Carol said…
Hi Emily,
It is good to have creativity as an outlet. Every Mother needs something.

I thought for sure that you were going to keep that turtle.

Continue to enjoy.

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