New goodies on Ebay!

Lots of new paintings on ebay and a soft sculpture by my mama!

Reasons why I paint some of the things I paint. I paint animals because they bring me serenity and calm in this very chaotic world. I often, when painting, find I'm so in the moment of painting and focusing on the surprise of what the colors will reveal everything around me becomes quiet, calm.

Lately, I've been experimenting with collage work and want to try to incorporate more of the social movements that are happening in these times of ours. I view my collages as poems with deeper levels then just color, shape and texture. All work, to me, says something or nothing. My hopes with my work is to say something that will raise consciousness, awareness or finding peace in our fellow creatures on this planet. Yeah, I know wordy, wordy...but just a bit of why I create.

Oh and it's fun! Can't forget that. My inspiration Lynda Barry helped to restart the flame of being an artist at time in my life where I just felt muddled and overwhelmed. She uses Sumi/Chinese ink in her work and I felt curious about it and gave it a try. I did this for about five years. I used black, red, green, yellow and blue ink sticks. It was a very strict use of color and I learned how to mix my colors to achieve all other colors. I think this sort of limitation forced me to see colors where I usually didn't look. I started using watercolor about a year ago again and it was like walking into a rainbow. Very exciting. I hope my work reflects my joy for color and form.


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