New Ebay Auctions are up!

After quite a break, I've got a bunch of new paintings up on eBay. Please check them out!

I think I have a touch of Spring fever as I'm puttering around like crazy and this leaves little time to sit and do artwork, unfortunately. But the signs are good that my nasal operation are having good effects and the allergy shots are helping quite a bit. So, good thing all around.

Here are a few glimpses of my work on ebay:


I'm rather fond of this one but there are bound to be more on the way. Just need to sit down for a moment and plug away.

Oh, it is definitely Spring! We walked by the campus after church and my goodness the cherry blossoms!!! Beautiful against the blue sky...unfortunately, I didn't have my digital camera. But I did have my regular camera and got some great photos (will probably take me years to develop these...oh, well). I'm going to try and get back there tomorrow and get a few pics on the old digital cam. We also saw carp (huge!) in the water,ducks, mating ducks (quite a fight actually) and a snapping turle sun bathing with molting shell (I really, really wanted to pick off a piece of it's molting shell...I know that's gross but it looked so interesting).

This is the first Spring I've ever felt fully aware and not drugged out by allergy medicine or out with a migraine. What a huge difference.

We planted lots of seeds today...marigold, sunflower, onion (I had a pack and thought I'd try that out). Also, catnip/grass, basil, and for some reason two packs of carrots. I've never grown carrots and just wanted to give it a try. I want to put in two (maybe three) more raised beds (narrower) and grow corn, lettuce, beans, zucchini and of course, tomatoes. I wish I knew how to can stuff... We've got to get a deep freezer for the basement and store some of this for Winter.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is out there digging away in their yards (at least in this part of the world). Oh, and the seed blessing today was so nice...every service at with fellow Unitarians always brings me to tears. Just feels very good.


megan said…
Hi there! I got your Spring ATC today-- the bunny with the little birdie-- so sweet! Thank you so much, it is absolutely adorable. Love how you oriented the image on your egg, and your watercolor-ing skills!

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