It started on Friday afternoon...

Basically, my kids are going through some developmental stuff...exploring, challenging and basically getting into mischief.

Yesterday, I got up at 3am. I'm not sick or anything just went down really, really early as in 8:30pm as did the whole house. This means I'm up after seven or so hours and I was. Did the day stuff, went and gave some piano lessons and then I came home trying to get ready to go to a play date. As it turns out, Lydia and Norrie decided to have their own impromptu play date. As I was talking on the phone I look down in the kitchen and see sand. We don't live anywhere near the beach, so this is odd. I look past the kitchen island and there is sand in Mr. Nelsons water bowl, on the door, thrown against (like snow balls) sand ball streaks and everywhere on the porch sand. This isn't regular sandbox sand's the orange kind (I was desperate to put some sand in their sandbox the other day). The first thought, Why did I leave the sand on the porch? My second thought, Hey, I didn't leave the sand on the porch! That's when I saw the stool next to the porch door lock. Apparently, Lydia has developed a new skill and opened the door. Ah! So, I said everyone upstairs to the bathroom, now! Bathed my orange beauties and then plopped them in front of the TV for an afternoon movie while I cleaned up the orange porch (thankfully, we've left the outside vac right there). Let's just say, I was really annoyed and tired afterwards.

The day progressed and I think they did something else but I've already forgotten. Next situation...I've been finding things in the toilet that were not meant to be there. Things like dolls, various toy doctor supplies and Norrie's hands. Today I found Norrie was the right thing in the toilet (bowl brush) however, she had been using it to bless the bathroom with toilet water. So, that was annoying. The funny thing about both events is that I'll find a confused pet standing close by wondering, is this allowed? Mr. Nelson seemed to think it was wrong and looked at me like, You aren’t gonna like this, sweetheart. Sampson, my black and white cat, was sniffing the half closed door of the bath as if to say, "I smell trouble, lady." Sigh~

So, it's been one of those weekends. We drove up to State College to see an Alternative Energy Expo at Bryce Jordan Center on Ecological advantages for the near future. On the way up, Lydia barfed her entire lunch and we had to stop at the side of the road by a new housing development. Some kind people saw us and gave us some wipe its. Lydia was soaked and Jon had to give her his tee-shirt. We made a desperate drive to Target where Norrie and I did some new clothes/clean-up supplies shopping. Plus, I got a few feel better goodies (cute stuffed cats). It had gotten really windy and cold with this bit of much needed rain. So, I got some light sweaters too. Then, I made Jon go back and get some pants and a sweater for me as I cleaned up the car seat. We spent more time than I care to admit at the Target parking lot, but we had to do that.

After all of that, we went to the Alternative Energy Expo and had a good time looking at cool stuff and even saw a Segway scooter (they look a bit dorky but I could see how they would have potential for people with walking limitations).

Then, Jon got annoyed at me because I couldn't make up my mind about going to some Waffle place. In the end, we drove back and found out it was only open till 3pm (it was 5 at the time). We got some tacos and coffee and ate in the car while two little ones slept in the back. Drove home and Mr. Nelson was happy to see us again and go outside. All in all, an odd interesting day.


Sunday evening.

The above (long description of kids) was written Saturday night; it is now Sunday evening. Another day…went to church and had a good time and then Norrie ran into a metal door and I had to comfort her. We ended up walking around and we enjoyed the early signs of Spring. It’s an odd sensation…no snow and bright clean skies…reminds me of California. Supposed to be rainy with a touch of snow in the week; we shall see.

I think I project too much on myself. In other words, I think people are much more, so very much for critical of me then people really are. I guess I’m critical of myself. Frustrating.

Today the girls got into my face powder and that’s scattered about my room. They bopped each other with a shovel from our work outside and howled at that. Then Lydia tried to pour milk into cups and got it all over the place. Fortunately, Jon cleaned it up (sort of). I gave the girls baths after they helped us dig (we’re trying to put in a side “patio” that will be on the side of the house. We’re digging it ourselves and it’s a good workout…but hard to do with two little ones underfoot and a dog that wants to be glued to me) and they were filthy. Plus, they had gone upstairs ahead of me and by the time I got there, I just saved the bathroom from being flooded by the sink. So, I sort of lost my temper. After I calmed down and bathed the kids I felt like my shoulders were falling off. I’m going to feel the burn of shoveling something like a thousand pounds of dirt. Oy!

Still, coughing but getting better. Just feel tired now from two days of digging up dirt.

Haven’t put anything on eBay…all this tempting weather keeps me out doors. However, I think (if I have time) I’ll try and put up some in the middle of the week. I hate to say this but I’m starting to like my work more and more and it’s getting harder to part with some pieces. I’ve actually been happy when a few things don’t win. I’m weird.

Things I’m reading:

Julia Child’s cookbook because a lot of people are talking about her and recommending her book; so, I thought I’d give it a try. Oddly, I’m having some food related inspirations. I guess that’s not really odd.

I’m sending in my slides tomorrow for a local art show. I hope at least one or more of my pieces are chosen. But I’d be happy with one.

The ATC’s are due tomorrow as well for APL creations swap. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s turned out.

I think I’ll try to do some more work with wood and metal. Now, that I know what I want to do I feel A LOT more confidant. Plus, I’d like to try some doll-like sculpture too.

Thinking about:
Morality and art. Should art have some moral or ethical value to it? Does it need to say something? I’m debating this and also asked an art group I’m on the topic. I’m still thinking about it.

Listening to IZ. Beautiful and poetic.

Didn’t enter the poetry contest…feel badly about that. I started to feel a bit shy about my work and just didn’t want to be scrutinized about my poetry. I guess it’s very personal plus, contest leaves an odd taste in my mouth when mixed with poetry. I wish it was just a submission for a journal or something.

It’s nice to finally see the buds appearing. We had all this warm weather and my goodness, the leaves didn’t show any buds. Then we had some rain and the bush by the garage, over night, burst into green like a spray of green paint on rust brown. Beautiful! Hopeful! The air even smelt of Spring and almost like the humid days of thunderous summer. You don’t get that in Southern California. No rain or thunder and certainly not humidity. I’m starting to grow fond of Eastern Summers…I wish I could can Summer and open it up during Winter for just a bit. I never feel that way about Winter. Isn’t that funny?

Saw a cardinal among the mock orange bush, jumped from branch to branch. Flew to a tall lilac and off into the blue sky. It seems like such a fairy spirit, or what I imagine to be a fairy…so transient.


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