gas prices rising...

Gas has hit 2.99 at the pump...thanks, bush, thanks. Makes me wonder, what ever happened to the conserve part of conservative? I think that's what some people think of when they think of republicans. However, when looking at the all the deals by our government made to companies to support waste and only a few towards really conserving energy (and our money), you have to remember that bush is in the beginning and the end an oil man. This is so wrong on so many levels. But I'll leave that for another day. However, I will say I just read an article that gives lots of good advice on conserving.

Then there are countries like Sweden. Sweden plans on going the clean way and without things like nuclear energy to aid them. Why doesn't each state follow Swedens example? Recently, the US government gave tax emption for new windows in the year 2006 (with an energy star approval, apparently). This is a start but compared to Sweden, kind of embarrassing, really. Imagine if we did energy conservation and used cleaner energy in earnest? Imagine if we took cars and had them retrofitted to use less gas or even a different kind of fuel? Something to ponder...

Personally, I'm starting to calm down a bit about the idea of new energy and ways to conserve. People will do it. It's smart and yeah, some of us are dragging their feet (like bush/oil people) but most of use know better and can invest in places that are alternatives that have huge potential healthwise and especially money wise. I'm hopeful for the future and the seeds are there. The seedlings are emerging from the clear cutting and with a little bit help will keep growing. Change is happening and we have be part of it or risk becoming stagnent.

A part of me worries that we won't think fast enough and we will lose our planet to total war/pollution. Another part of me feels like there is hope and determination to tear down mountains or plant thousands of acres of forests.

I hope it doesn't take a hurricane to change the course of our actions like New Orleans. But maybe it will take just that.


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