Beautiful days, no rain and new words for thunderstorms

Got our mushroom compost delivered and mulch. Should be out there stuffing our raised bed but am taking a break. Started a compost of my own but that will take many months (if not a year) to get going. But at least it's going.

Feel like I've been run off my feet...but in a good way. sigh...We have two new tree additions to be planted; a beautiful pear and peach tree! I'm excited about this. I'm also looking into raspberries, plum and apple trees, and grape vines. So, next year we'll have lots of fruit to harvest. Yum!

As I mentioned, we have a raised bed. The first, I hope, of at least three and maybe more. We might have a little community (neighborhood) garden going on, but we will see. I'm a little annoyed that the area I have the plots have these huge holes in the ground from an old oak tree that has long since passed. Very annoying. Plus, there are wasps hives under ground which are scary. I'm allergic to wasps stings (not as bad as some people with bee stings) and I will swell up and itch like crazy after the swelling subsides. So, I've got to watch out.

I found out I have to have an epi pen for my allergies. I dread's a type of shot, so I don't look forward to this. Just the idea makes me shudder.

But the good news is my allergy shots seem to be working. I feel only the mildest allergy symptoms (of course I'm still taking allergy medication too). Such a difference from my first two years here where I was flat on my back with migraines and just felt awful in the worse sense of the word.

Things I'm working on: Garden, side porch to have a covered area for potential rabbits, cleaning out stuff, making a bunch of messes, finishing up the puppet stuff (got the stage finished!), lots of personal projects with art, plans for day care, and enjoying the feeling of Spring. I'm amazed at how warm a Spring it is. Is it just me (because I was so out of it from allergies) that I didn't realize Spring was warm? I don't know. It's so odd. I just asked Jon and he said the it's typical weather...just a little dry. I feel a tad better but I'm worried again, about Global warming.

Recently, Inuit people have been inventing new words for things like "Thunderstorms" which they never had before. This scares me. I don't know what to do other than write to my senators and boycott various products from companies that keep doing the wrong thing. I shouldn't do this but I bought a Time's magazine and a Vanity Fair called the Green Issue. The Time's was full of scary facts and just horrible stuff that's happening in the Antarctic. I want people to protest this. I want all of us to say no, you can't take away my safety, my children's future for profit. I don't want that and I worry about that.

It's funny. I hear about the desire to drill in Alaska by oil companies. It's so wrong, so very wrong. Nobody wants that but the oil companies! Let the oil companies go the way of the dinosaur. We have better, cleaner and cheaper (blood wise) ways for energy. And we're all smart people. Why wouldn't we want cleaner energy?

An interesting article in Vanity Fair was about Appalachia and the coal mine. Terrible conditions of the coal mines (where safety was cut and not only are the workers treated like nothing but the schools, families are living in this soot crap. Horrible. Makes me angry because, again, it's big business stomping on the little guy (and guess what? We're all the little guys).

There's a question in my mind. Is it worth it? Is getting all that coal for money, worth it? I don't see how. It's the same earth that big business is on and they're getting the crap in their lungs, their children's lungs as everyone else is. I don't see how it's worth all the money in the world if your give your child cancer or kill yourself in the pursuit.

I think the conscious is an important thing. It's very important to know what is good, what is bad and what is so wrong. Why do we forget and let things happen? Or worse, why do we not say anything, something to help stop it?

A while ago, I read a book by Julia Butterfly Hill called The Legacy of Luna. I think we all have a Julia inside of channel ourselves towards doing good works and to save our planet. Can it be saved? Yes. Yes, it can because it's all we have. There is no other planet like Earth. She is unique and beautiful even with her scars. We can save her and protect her. But it takes all of us to do something, to act in her favor.


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