Art show...

Well, I have great news. Seems four of my six pieces of artwork are in the juried show I entered! I'm thrilled. So, I have to get one painting framed and have them ready by May 4th. This is my first juried show, so I'm excited. I guess I had another show I did that was last year but this has more weight to it.

I'm doing the dance of joy! Does anyone remember Perfect Strangers? I loved that show when I was a fact, I wonder if there are dvds of the series. It was the perfect family type show, actually. Funny, creative, smart and kind. Wish more stuff was like that, actually. Anyway, there was a lot of dance of joys on that show.

It's been raining for about three days now and has chilled over. I feel a bit better the world isn't totally falling apart at the seams. Just wish we'd pay more attention to those seams and realize how fragile they are.

Wondering....wonder if chick peas (garbazo beans) can grow in PA? Have to look that up...

Just feel good today...still have to go and get my allergy shot but should be better after that...ugh.

Last week, Mr. Nelson had his boy doggie operation. He seems to be doing well, actually. I made the mistake of thinking his calmness was due to certain aspects that were missing. However, he's about 50-75% his old self. I must admit he's much more responsive to vocal commands. Before he was in his own little world and everything was a tad too exciting. So, I'm glad to see he's listening and not so...jumpy.

He still steals food, however. This seems to be his new excitement in life...can you blame him? Poor Nelson.


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