Solar tube dreams and a day

Thinking about solar tubes and how they'd brighten up a dark room...probably the 3rd floor which also needs track lighting. But I'm thinking about the dining room which would be very hard too, I don't want to let in additional drafts. Actually, the first thing we need to do is get new windows (a few at a time) and most likely a new back door. That would be really good.

Tonight I had Vietnamese Pho soup and spring rolls. A treat brought back from State College by Jon. It was good and made this day of dog poo (Mr. Nelson had two accidents poop in Lydia's room, pee in Norrie's) and Lydia's little accident on the couch a bit more bearable...even if I had to go to two banks to pay the mortgage (get the money from one and deliver it to the other because the other doesn't accept atm cards) in this freezing wind and my poor sore nose suffered. Sigh. Plus, I think my winter coat smells stinky (everyone, including Mr. Nelson uses it as a blanket...I have to admit it is pretty cozy...I even fell asleep in it. I've referred to it as my cocoon).

Well, now I'm feeling better...even with my in-laws bugging me to "unburden" myself with Mr. Nelson (my dad-in-law wants him). I even threw a ball 50 times for Nelson and now he's conked, thankfully.

Just a day in my life...


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