Saturday at last, cats, rats, dog, stuff I made and ebay!

Firstly, ebay stuff is ending this weekend! You can check it out at:

Emily's Ebay Art

Been a hectic week with recovering and tending to my gals, Mr. Nelson and trying to sneak in bits of clean up, crafts and art. I mostly did clean up and I didn't have to sneak to do it.

I have a little headache (okay, it got to be about 45%, which isn't that bad but still makes for unpleasantries)...instead of sitting up to sleep (as I'm supposed to apparently for the rest of my life), I didn't and now I have a mild headache. Not fun. Hopefully, it will go away.


On the way to the groomers; good-bye beautiful fur coat.

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Nelson got trimmed (shaved) and looks pretty awful.

Oddly, some of the pictures I took of him still look pretty good. It's Mr. Nelsons's charm, I suppose.

I miss his fluffy hairiness and I think I will not let anyone (in-laws)cohearse me into getting him groomed (chopped to the skin). Mr. Nelson was shivering on the frozen ground the other day and I actually had to go and pick him up; he was so cold.

I made him another little sweater. It came out rather well, actually.

It is super easy to make. I have several old (scratchy with pill balls/fuzz) baby winter suits (thankfully in blue/yellow not pink...I know, I know, I'm being sexist)I was going to use for an art piece (I'm still going to do this rather large's going to be about war, etc. Just need some space to show it at) but immediate need called first. I first cut the suit/sleeper in half so that the legs were now seperate. Second, I did a wide hem with a zig zag stitch. Third, I cut two some holes on the top of the sweater/jacket and threaded a string/ribbon through the openings. Then I put it on Mr. Nelson and pulled the string and zipped it up. It looks well fitted and I think he was very grateful, poor little guy. Took about 20 mintues.

Anyway, it's a super cheap outfit for a dog and reuses some unwanted baby stuff. I actually had knitted a sweater for him but it was too bulky and Jon later found it in the bushes. Very "No Roses for Harry!"
Kiwi, my third cat, is fawning all over me. Either the cat gang is out of food or it's Kiwi being Kiwi. Most likely the later. I've banished her to the scanner:

I can not wait till art classes resume and she gets some attention by the kids. It's driving me crazy. Sampson was on the computer the other day,

practically drooling for rubs. What in the world? I feel like everyone is desperate for attention for some reason.

Today we went to Kmart for curtains. For some reason, I always think of curtains and rods when I think of Kmart. They also had the perfect litter for the rats (recycled pulp paper...I was given a lecture by a local pet store cashier a few weeks ago as to why pine litter is bad. It's not good for little critters respitory was annoying at the time as I wanted to get out and go. Also, I wanted to shout at her then "WHY IS IT ON THE SHELVES?" She actually stopped in the middle of my transaction to tell me this and I had to grumble back and get the pulp stuff. Then the line was a mile long but I stood right next to person she was waiting on because there was NO WAY I was standing in line again. Still, I've been converted to use this stuff. I like that it's recycled).

I found out that the best light in this dim house is the girls rooms. They are both Southern exposure and have awesome light through out the day. I'd get a solar tube for my room but I'm debating it. Maybe just for the 3rd floor...which is terribly dark. If we expand the living room to include the porch that would be a lot of light. Things to think about...

A skirt for me...don't know if this will come out flattering or awful. We will see. What I am crushed velvet (from free fabric I got from my neighbor) and a thrifted dress that was, ahem, a tad too small for me but was so pretty. I hope I can at least wear the skirt around the house. Jon says it's looks "gypsy"-ish (read artsy).

Here is a pic of Simone before I realized she was eating my flowers! Her eyes look strange in their mismatched colors.

I need to take a pic of Autumn (the 2nd cat in my list of cat arrivals) or she'll feel jealous.

Well, that's half the weekend. Tomorrow is church with the UU's and should be fun. Hope everyone has a good weekend...we've been having some beautiful weather even if it's only 30 degrees! Oh, my nose hurts~


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