Rainy days, art and cartoons...

After the last post, I felt better about my fear of death and worries. But as with life, we must plod forward and do the stuff of life. In my case, we went market shopping and got new shoes for the girls and slightly spoiled them, I think, with a few stuffed toys. Lydia got a big pink stuffed unicorn and I made it a mini-scarf last night (crocheted). Norrie a blue dog...she's into blue dogs lately (probably blue's clue related).

Then it rained and we saw a squirrel sitting in the brush nibbling a hamburger bun I had Jon leave at the feeder. Very cute. I love seeing animals and will on occasion leave food for them. However, last year I had gotten to the point of over feeding and started to be known as the place with the best small animal sightings by the local hawks. This meant my viewing of a pigeon being tracked down by a hawk much to my dismay. Jon had to clean up the remains (which were few, thankfully). But I vowed to limit my feedings. Fortunately, our feeder is right in a thicket which makes it easier for little animals to get food.

I'm still congested from my nasal stuff but am doing better each day. I've even noticed some sense of smell change and taste's of some foods seem different. Very odd.

Mr. Nelson has gone up one level. He is no longer tied to a spot (for potty problems/chewing) and is now liberated to roam the house. I made the mistake of letting him loose before I secured the 3rd floor/attic/some time studio/cat box collection and he got in the cat boxes. It smells awful and I have to have Jon go up there and clean it out. Big yucky, Mr. Nelson!

Otherwise, he has graduated and is now sleeping by my side on a big blanket much to the chagrin of the cats. Autumn esp. doesn't like this but she will have to adjust, poor dear.


I'm looking at cameras and picked up some good advice from Doll about 4x optical lens...there is a lot of info out there but I think I may be going with a kodak easyshare with 10x optical lens and rechargeable batteries. That was the clincher; rechargeable batteries.


I've been getting so inspired by various magazines and blogs. I've even updated my list of links...so much good stuff, so beware.
In other news, I'm in love with Betty Boop. She is so cute, independent and for goodness sakes from the 1930's! Very liberated for the times...plus, she loves animals. There's a lot of depth behind her story and why she transitioned to more disney-ish, animal lover. This had to do with a ban in the 1930's that prohibited cartoons to look overtly sexual such as having certain clothing items like garter belts shown, and had a touch of the risqué about them. We found quite a few Betty Boops at various discount places and yesterday I splurged and got a 30 cartoon DVD at Toys R Us with some Little Audrey thrown in there. It's funny how much more sophisticated the cartoons were back then to now a days. When I see some cartoons now, it's mostly (and there are few exceptions...like Kim Possible, Powerpuff girls, Pepper Ann) girl looks to please/attract a male. And vice versa. Very annoying and quite sickening in a way. There is a certain time for these things but not for little ones under 15! Even 15 is a bit young... I guess I'm old fashioned in that regards...blame my parents on that! ; ) Sorry, mom!

Anyway, that's why I like these "old" cartoons. Little Audrey has messages about respecting nature and learning the consequences as in Song of the Birds. She shots a baby bird and everyone mourns the bird as in death. But the bird recovers and Audrey tries to get forgiveness. Nobody forgives her. But then the little bird reaches out to her and then everyone follows. Very touching and true. Forgiveness can only be given by the one harmed.
I also visited Carol's blog and got this nifty idea. It's about what artist would paint you and why.
My artist came out Pablo Picasso and here's why:
"You're an expressive soul who shows many emotions, with many subtleties
Only a master painter could represent your glorious contradictions." Now, that's what I like! Good ol' flattery! But I do like the glorious contradictions. I feel like I'm made up of many contradictions, and I'm okay with that. For example, I think eating meat is bad and I feel sorry for the animals. But I still will eat a hamburger on occasion and will eat chicken with little or no guilt. Sorry all vegetarians out there!

Well, anyway...I would be painted by Picasso:

Who Should Paint You: Pablo Picasso
You're an expressive soul who shows many emotions, with many subtleties
Only a master painter could represent your glorious contradictions


Carol said…
I forgot about Little Audrey. I read her comic books.

Glad to hear what Mr. Nelson is up to. Still getting into trouble, I see.

Oh, you did the quiz. Great. I wish you had done it in time for me to find a portrait for you. It was fun
to find them and learn about the artist and my blog pals.
Emily said…
Well, at least I did it for my blog! lol!

Hope you're having a great weekend~ : )

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