Lydia's ramblings...Happy St. Patty's day!

A dog is not a cow and a cow is not a dog. Mr. Nelson is a dog; he is white and has a tail but is not a dog.

I found this quiz at "Seeds of Simplicity:

I scored : 23
Your score is between 21-30. Consumer stress is limited.
What will you score? Take the quiz


Ever since I saw the movie "Fugitive", I've always thought of St. Patrick's day in the scene where Harrison Ford is trying to hide out in a St. Patrick's parade. Kind of wierd.


I do not like Mr. Nelson's new hair cut. The groomers did super short haircut on him. I think they didn't understand me or something when I said I just wanted an inch off his coat. I swear the groomers purposely trim him extra short so they can sell the hair to weavers or something. VERY ANNOYING, whatever the reason. Even Jon had pity for Mr. Nelson. Jon said, "It looks like Mr. Nelson is embarrassed of his hair cut." I couldn't agree more. I like the other groomers by the Knickerbocker...I think they know how to trim a Bichon.


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