Had to share my bubble people. I hate to toot my own horn (and I will..hehehe) but my bubble best friends look pretty darn cute. I'm going to add some more since I got some encouragement from Brandy of Loosetooth. (Thank you! )

In other news, I feel really good now that I ate some lunch. Sometimes I think I might be hypoglycemic or something. But I feel really good and even better, no headache! I had a bad one yesterday but nothing compared to the migraines of yore. So hopefully the sinus surgery is going to do it's job.

I got a bit behind in my eBay postings. Need to reboot that this weekend but we had family over this weekend. Jon's sis and brother-in-law came down for a visit...looking for houses. Hopefully they'll move. I really don't see why they've stayed as long as they have in Boston, really. They don't have any family there. If they moved here it would be a big change in that housing is very affordable, lots of country and farms (hopefully people won't buy up farms to make their homes on that land...it's really a waste and should be protected. Thankfully, there are Amish around who do wonders to these places) and I know Jon's sister would get a good job being a nurse. Obviously, it's up to them but And it would be really nice to have a cousin close by for Lydia and Norrie. Now, if I could only sweet talk my sister to moving here...Did you hear that, Becky? hehehe

I can't believe it's already Tuesday. I walked up to the grandparents house and my throat felt like someone had scratched it with dry leaves. Painful. The air is dry and it's actually warm (65 degrees). Unfortunately, that means my car is starting to smell...needs a bath desperately.

Yesterday the girls and I scrubbed the basement floor. My assistant was supposed to come by at 10 am but when I called was still sleeping at 10:30am! Let's just say I'm a little annoyed with her.

Anyway, we cleaned and scrubbed and moved stuff around. Jon was impressed when he came home and I even put up some shelves in the mud room (plastic portable ones). It's getting more organized! And potentially a studio/rec room. I keep wishing...I think it needs more light.

I was hoping my slides would arrive today. Maybe tomorrow...they're for a local show and now I'm starting to sweat about them. Hurry, hurry slides!

Well, got to go. Peanut butter/homemade strawberry jam sandwiches are on the menu. If you want to make them look at the recipe below...super easy. Oh, and I'm jealous. The mom of the kids I tutor made something like three fresh sour dough bread loaves. I could smell them (was there a hint of cheddar cheese?) and felt like I had some after I left. I'm going to have to learn to make that bread. And they look so beautiful too.


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