Great day...and frustrating actions

It's been dry over here and warm which makes for pretty good working in the garden. There is still moisture from the winter snows in the soil so digging is actually pleasant.

Had an art lesson today and as it turned out to be such a good day we all went outside afterwards to chat and the kids played in the yard with Mr. Nelson. We were contentedly playing and then it was time to say good-bye. I turned around to go get a few things for the girls to play with and I see Kiwi (my little cat) sitting in the side yard staring at some robins and birds! This is a surprise as she's a housecat and secondly, I didn't realize I had left everything open for her to get out! So, with my heart pounding I called her to me and fortunately, all my cats come when called (except for Autumn who will come to just a bit past your arm length and sit, staring at you...very annoying). I grabbed her and stuck her in the house.

Fortunately, I was able to get her inside and I must admit she looked pretty cute sitting in the grass staring at robins. She even inspired me to do a paper collage:

I started to feel overwhelmed that I had so much to do until I broke it down and stuck it all on the calendar. It seems a lot less stressful and actually not that bad. I have so many goals, I must appear rather scatter brained. But I'm not...just a flurry of Emily activity.

Well, I mentioned my in-laws were scoping the towns around here for a house. While they were here we went to Lena's in downtown Altoona. It is the oddest Italian restaurant I have ever been to. First, never go on a Saturday night. This place was PACKED! I mean seriously in every 10 minutes or less people came in and few left. Where they stuck everyone, I have no idea. There was murmuring about it being like a clown car where more and more clowns get out...this was the reverse. I was a bit overwhelmed as it was an almost claustrophobic feeling with table after table. But the service was great, the food (I had homemade noodles) was great and Jon was going on about the lasagna. Even Jenny, my sis-in-law who is known for her bird like eating habits, ate 90% of her dinner. After we left, I noticed there were three parking lots for this place. Wow.

Anyway, it's a nice week though there should be some rain...I hope. My tulips are starting to emerge but look kind of dry on the edges.

I have a little thing to vent…my in-laws (grandparents) are great and loving people. However, they have two things that really, really annoy me. One is that my mom-in-law does not like to wear her seatbelt. She sits in the back of the car, behind the girls. I’ve told her a thousand times to wear it but she stubbornly looks at me like I’m mentally disturbed. I don’t get it. She’s very careful about the kids in most regards but will not wear a seat belt even though I told her about her flying about and hurting us as well as her self.

Then my dad-in-law likes to use bug/plant killer in his yard. I told him it not only causes cancer to dogs but kids. He just laughs at me like I’m mentally disabled. I’m not kidding either. It’s one of the most annoying things I’ve ever had to deal with. And I’m not being unreasonable. Not wearing seat belts is against the law and plant killer does cause cancer! I don’t understand them sometimes and I’ve talked to them about it and they just shrug and smile like I’m a high strung nut. I feel like taking some bug killer and putting it all over some food and saying would you eat this? Would you put your hands in your mouth after touching this? No. But a child would.

I really don’t get them. What can I do? I feel helpless and they just act like they know everything and that’s that.

It’s funny because they are obsessively clean. I mean they clean as soon as a cracker crumb has fallen. But if it’s an invisible poison, some how that’s all right for kids/dogs to be around. Insane!

I feel helpless because they watch the kids for me a good part of the week and I need them. Am I being unreasonable? Why would you care about how your granddaughter looks and what she eats but not about seat belts? Why would you bother giving your grandkids fresh water but poison the ground water with crap? It makes me angry because it’s not a minor thing. If it was a muddy kid I brought home or one covered in markers, I’d be totally all right with that. But really endangering their safety is quite baffling to me.

Well, there it is I’ve said it. I don’t feel any better because I feel at a loss as to what to do. I’ve talked to Jon and he’s annoyed but hasn’t said much. Also, I know Jon’s dad is sneaky and will do stuff behind our backs if he thinks it’s harmless. Do other grandparents do this? Am I the only one? Frustrating…


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