I read about moderngypsy from whip up and am going to donate a few of my ACEO's. I hope it helps a bit. The husband has a brain tumor...this strikes home as my husbands bestfriend had one removed a few months ago. Thankfully, they were okay financially but more importantly he was doing a lot better.


In other news, I had a mildly serious effect from one of my pain killers. It was the worst feeling in the world...I was dizzy, headachy, nauseous, cold and shaky. All because I forgot to eat something with my medicine. Horrible. After going to the doctor and finally getting a few crackers down I felt better...sleepy, but better. I'm up now, which shows I'm on the up, thank goodness. I hope to God that few people feel this way when they are on their medicine. But I know some have even worse effects.

The worst feeling was not being able to help my kids get their breakfast. I poured them juice and tried to make toast. The spilt it and made a mess. An hour later my in-laws arrived and helped me. I felt so weak and out of it. Thankfully, I'm getting better at being patient and not going into a rage about the house being messy. I did think about vacuuming but just couldn't and that was that.

Life goes on...


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