Deviations and sinus cleansing

Well, I'm post-op and my face feels swollen, my throat feels like I swallowed razor blades and on top of that I've gotten my two girl’s cold. So, I'm pretty sure I feel more congested than I normally would feel having gone thru a nasal deviation surgery. Plus, my recuperating at the in-laws is taken a turn for the worse...mostly because Norrie is getting over a cold and has messed up hours so she got up at 3 am. Yes, THREE A. M. And stayed up till 4:30am where we were both irritated and I was esp. grumpy. I have to sleep up right to help drainage of the nasal passages and of course Norrie wanted to sleep with me. ugh.

Jon is in top form as he has got none of the responsibilities because he has the house to himself. I don't think I'm getting that much extra treatment...except in mom/dad watch the kids more (thank the Gods). Plus, when I slipped home for a little bit today, Jon forgot to feed the cats! Geez!

So, this blog entry is primarily about my complaints and aches. Plus, I feel like I could just sleep but then my back feels sore from sleeping in this annoying upright position. I'm hoping if I keep it up for a few more days I can heal faster and get back to normal.

I brought some of my art things to work on and did a bit (a very small bit) of work. I have to send off some eBay paintings as well. I feel like I'm so behind in my art for ebay too...very frustrating.

However, I do feel like I've got some fresh ideas I would like to try...doing some larger paintings and want to try them as posters/limited giclees. So, I’m researching printers and costs. Also, there are two local competitions I would like to enter...poetry and art (painting and sculpture). But I have to really work at getting it all together. I'll be very glad to get on a schedule this point we're all sleeping at odd times, etc. I guess I thought I'd be 100% in a day or two. What was I thinking.

The hospital stuff wasn't as bad or as good as I thought it was going to be. I wasn't nearly as scared and I awoke after all was done and had no memory of it all. I do feel like the nurses could have been a bit more quiet at 2 in the morning...they seemed to like to complain, loudly. Then I had to share my recovery room with someone with an even scarier situation. She didn't know what was wrong with, I felt lucky at least I knew what I was in for and why.

In other news, I’m seriously thinking of trying Montessori preschool twice a week for the gals. I think they might be a bit bored (as least Lydia) with staying home or going to the grandparents. Plus, I feel sad that she talks about friends that she has made up. I think most kids do this (I hope) but I’d like her to be around more little ones her own age. Play dates are on the list; just a matter of me getting better, etc. I wish there was a Waldorf preschool around here… Not that a school has all the answers, but it's a nice change for the kids.

Anyway, Jon has been enjoying his first week at his new job. And I love hearing his stories and new places he’s been going to at State College. He found out they have an excellent Vietnamese restaurant that actually serves Pho soup. I’m really excited about this. The last time I had good Pho was three years ago. Wow. I’m only sorry to say we didn’t find this place sooner…even if it’s an hours drive away. Plus, Jon gets cheese at a discount from the creamery and on Fridays can buy mushrooms at a discounted price from the mushroom plant (where they test mushrooms for taste, etc) too! Other good news, Jon may get to help edit a book on mushrooms and gets to talk to the writer of the book. Apparently, the guy is a great mushroom finder locally, and a Shaman.

If you ever want a small taste of small town life rent the TV show Northern Exposure. I sometimes feel like that show…funny how life and art can imitate each other. Boy, I miss Northern Exposure...that was good writing and beautifully filmed.

I’ll have more to “report” as we did a heck of a lot of stuff before my surgery…like Lydia’s first art show(!) and something else but I forgot what it was (oh, yes...I remember judging a Science competition...let's just say it's very disillusioning what teachers say/think about kids behind their backs).

Right now, we’re watching Pinocchio and I’m having serious fish inspirations…may have to do some paintings with some lovely fish. Pinocchio certainly has some beautiful scenes in it
...I hope that this surgery will relieve my headaches by 50%. I’d be satisfied with that. Anyway, hopefully the next post will be equipped with pics. Hope everyone else is having a good, it's nearly Friday...


Carol said…
Hope you heal soon.

Congrats to Jon on his new job.

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