Ah, a new week and Illustration Friday

I'm feeling a bit better. Starting to get over the last two weeks and organizing, starting fresh and getting on with life. I'm debating preschool...at least to give the in-laws a break from taking care of Lydia and Norrie. Plus, it would be fun for the girls...just wish stuff wasn't so spread out around here. Gotta think about this one.

I'm working on a variety of things...and just wish I was totally over my nasal stuff so I can really get things done.

I had to go to the doctors today, I got a shot to reduce swelling so I'm a bit weak from that. I'm a big baby when it comes to blood, etc. I still can't believe I'm getting allergy shots in two weeks. I hope to God they help.

Anyway, Illustration Friday...

I had to do one this week even though, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed from today's events. It is in honor of the protests around the world marking the 3rd year of a false war.

Titled "Our feet are marching against war and our souls are set afire. Keep on Marching"


The Unknown said…
Great sketch and message.
What's so funny about peace, love and understanding.
carla said…
I like the sketchy quality of this, and I appreciate the message...don't even get me started! Hope the allergy shots work for you. I have been suffering with all kinds of nasal problems year round, and I'm ready to get allergy tests...it's wretched not being able to breath properly (not to mention all the other unpleasant stuff). Stay well:>

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