6:36am I'm up

and adam...Lydia went down at a ridiculously early time 7 pm and now I'm up too. I'm happy as the rotary blades I ordered from ebay arrived (5 blades for 10. This is a freaking good price as one blade (at least around here) is 10...by Olfa). So, I was really, really happy to get them yesterday. Plus, I splurged and bought Lydia, Norrie and myself ballet toe slippers. Why? Because I wanted them. I'm terrible.

I'm now yelling at Jon for not putting water in the humidifier (like I asked). When you have nasal surgery you are even more sensitive to dry air. And it actually hurts your nasal passages, etc. For example, the air was so dry the other day I rubbed my nose and it started to bleed. Well, he just filled up the humidifier...things should be all right now. Of course, we're all annoyed...okay, we made up. (roll eyes)


I proposed starting a singing group (choir) at our UU service and it seems to be getting a bit of attention. It's going to be very liberal in nature. My dad-in-law is teasing me with "A Mighty Wind".


It's too early for me to think clearly and I haven't had my coffee yet. So, I'm just going to post this and write more later. One of the cute/annoying things about Lydia when she first wakes up is her constant chatter. I don't know if other kids do this but both my girls, when first waking, talk and talk and talk. I'm still half asleep and it's like have a high pitched radio deejay talking about toddler stuff. Oh, boy...


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