Jon has to work today. . He's quit this job (giving his two weeks) but they are dragging it out of him...Plus, they aren't going to give him his vacation pay (he's supposed to get 72 hours of pay)only 14 hours of vacation pay. This is the worse company I've ever seen. They treat their employees like very improperly. They don't even offer sick days, ever.

So, we're glad to wash our hands of them and move on. I have lots to think about with my upcoming deviated septum surgery. I do not look forward to this. However, if it helps at least 50% of what I've been suffering with, I'll be happy. I dread the allergy season but I'll look forward to it if it does help even a little.

I'm going to be a judge for a Science Competition for junior high kids. This should be interesting. I vaguely remember a teacher of mine in high school reminiscing about her science project. So, I'm excited to see what the kids will be show and telling. I have a few good memories of my own...I think I did a study on my pet hamster (Baby Houdini)in HS. My science teacher then, Mrs. Flanders, had a pet rat (male) that she carried everywhere with her. She'd let it run on the floor when we'd watch a film and boy it kept everyone from dozing off...of course, I loved the little guy. I guess that's why it didn't seem so crazy to have pet rats. And now, I have four gals. : ) I probably should have named them after the Alcott’s but I didn't want to jinx one of them.


I finished We Alcotts and I was saddened to learn that Louisa May Alcott didn't live past 56 and died two days after her father died at 84, I believe. Her mother lived until her 70's and her sister May died after childbirth. Very unfortunate events in their family.

After reading about the Alcott’s, I'm now interested in reading Bronson Alcott's writings, Emerson, biography of Louisa May Alcott, etc. From what I've gathered the Alcotts and their group of friends were very much like a "hippie" movement. The Alcott’s were constantly trying to find their own paradise, commune, sense of balance and respect with nature. During this time, they constantly struggled and worked to give money to the family. In nearly all ways, the mother took on the role as provider and head of the family. Bronson Alcott was sincere in his thoughts and philosophies and there were many reasons why he wasn't allowed to make a living. One of which was the families opposition to slavery. Another reason was his controversial book Conversations With Children on the Gospel. This book did not go over well with a lot of the most progressive on the time in Boston. He was nearly tarred and feathered! The book Conversations with Children on the Gospel would be something akin to Chicken soup for the Soul of the 1800's. I guess they just weren't ready for this.


Bad Alice said…
HI, dropping by from the FFMB. I love the artwork you post.

I've knew a woman who had surgery for a deviated septum and she was sooo happy afterward. At last she could breathe!

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