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No, Einstein didn't really write that. It's actually something I wrote. As you can read, I'm an optimist...at times a cynical optimist but mostly an optimist. I believe people can create just as much good as bad and that the good is what most people want.

link to Einstein chalkboard:

In these dark and troubling times, I like to draw encouragement from writers of old such as Ralph Waldo Emerson:

The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere.

I love this message. We need to find the good, to search it out and embrace it. This doesn't mean to ignore the bad...maybe it even means to change the bad into something good. Much like the cliché lemonade from lemons, this is how we should look at life.

An interesting thing about R. W. Emerson, he lived in the 1800's during the war between the states or the war of the rebellion or as we call it now the Civil War. And during this time, he lost his dear brother whom he said was not only a brother but his friend. Later, he lost his son. It's amazing how in such sadness Emerson could accept this parting with such insight. How can we find good in such a final thing like death or war? Perhaps, it is in the comfort of people, the realization that war should be avoided at all costs that we gain goodness. And perhaps, on a small scale, death can be seen as a release from pain.

Still, finding good is not pacifying true outrage and demands for justice. Finding goodness may be in punishing those which hurt so many. I hope this is what most people would want, justice.



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