Our trees are NOT for sale!

I just signed the petition against selling our National Forests to pay off debts caused by the president and his crew. I signed it in 15 seconds and so can you:

Do NOT sell our National Forests

I feel enabled and the voice of the people is a strong and powerful voice. Another interesting thing, a few days ago Bush wanted to sell our ports to an Arab company. I have a few problems with this and it has nothing to do with Arab people. My problem with THIS company is they would not have to follow the rules that other companies (including US companies) have to under go when they are on US soil/boundaries. They would not have to keep records of their transactions and apparently we were going to give this company, Dubai, an okay even though they have ties to terrorist transactions through their banking system! And we were going to okay them without looking into this further. Can anyone say, FEMA? This really threw me for a loop. But what really annoys me is that before this company came by, there was a British company in control of US ports. Boy, would our forefathers be turning in their graves if they knew that. Talk about hypocrisy. Why don't we have US ports under US companies? Why are we even outsourcing the very imports and exports of the US? Crazy.

But my point about the above is, about three days ago Bush said something like, Nothing will stop this transaction to go through (in regards to the Dubai company). Then, a few days later Bush recants and says, " I didn't know they had terrorist ties." Now, today we get this in the news, Port deal stalled Now, don't tell me it was just chance that this happened. People we have the power on our side. We are the power. Let's use it and make the changes to correct the wrongs we've let slide past us.

Anyway, this was on my mind...but I feel better now that I've written to my senators and hopefully we'll see some changes. Activism isn't as hard as we think it is. So, take 15 seconds and write your senator today.


Carol said…
Doing something helps.

There is a special FFMB march today. It's okay to be a day late though.

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