New eBay listings!

Cute cats and more!

Lots of new ACEO's on ebay. More to come. Plus, I found my was in the knitting basket, like I thought, but hidden in a bag. Sigh. What a relief. Plus, I cleaned the rat cage and they're happy as can be.

We had a wet and rainy day today. Went to Burger King for lunch the first time out with all four of us...not great but not horrible either. Then we went to Target and found some neat things as well as some basic stuff the house needed (dish soap).

A few days ago I got a bunch of roses...very pretty. I ot them just because I felt like it. I think they were called a spray of roses. They smell so good and are opening in such a lovely way! I'm surprised at how nice they are compared to the long stem stuff. I prefer this kind much more...and if I can find some, I will plant them in the Spring.

I tried to upload some pics using blogger but it is having problems. Very annoying. I'll try again. I did and it didn't work and now flickr is taking a million years. ARGH!


In other news, there is an odd stinky odor coming from the book shelf. This could be a bad sign of a dead mouse. Or old food. But it smells like dead animal. We did have a mouse siteing but it was about 4 months ago. So, who knows. I will have to tear out the book shelf and clean there now. Darn it.

Well, flickr just went through...maybe blogger will work now. Nope...ugh. Well, I'll just have to post tomorrow.

I have to photograph all the things my mom has made me since Christmas. I got such great stuff! Plus, I just got a box of Valentines goodies (thanks, mom!) and the girls ate everything already. Even MY candy.

Well, I uploaded some ACEO's on Flickr...I'll share them now.

Night all!


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